Can't Open a Support Ticket on my Xbox Live Account. I get redirected to sign in page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I attempted to log into the Xbox Live account to open a support ticket, then click on "Player Support" or even "Contact Us" and it loads the following page:

Then almost immediately redirects to: Has anyone experienced this before? I can't connect to the support portal for whatever reason? I can reach the discussions but not player support or contact us now. -fps_trucka

Just to add onto this, I tried from a different device, used multiple browsers, and attempted in incognito mode to ensure cookies were not an issue. Nothing works.

@fpstrucka This is what I am going though... I have not been able to solve it at all

@fpstrucka Have I got any help with it.. no... I even tried to get help with it the only way I could.. which was send a ticket on my Steam account. But they sent an email back saying I needed to log on the account those characters are on... Yeh I have been trying that!!!!