NGS Portal Bubble Effect Stuck and not going away

So few days ago I did a UQ on NGS that lil Bubble effect that happens when you get teleported became stuck too my character. Iv tried all of the possible fixes and waited for maintenance to server to see if that might fix it, sadly I'm here now cause iv gotten no replies from support team saying if there going to look into problem or not been chalking it up to there just really busy but would just be nice to know if they know about it and will look into it at later date.

iv tried relogging, changing blocks, swapping to pso2 classic, changing looks, doing another UQ to see if it would undo the effect.

if I take damage in the field the effect stops till I enter and exit the city then the effect returns and I have to get hit again to stop it

it started happening while i was jumping around in mid air and got teleported its only stuck on my one character all my others have no problems this is a strange bug...

are you using a Foursis weapon with that character? because taking damage and stops sounds like the Foursis barrier effect.

yeah i just realized its tied to the Foursis weapon just now in fact now feel kinda sillly making this pointless report I had no idea it had a strange effect barrier for it but now I do >_>

go ahead close or delete this topic had no idea about the barrier being a thing