D'Or Tights from Wedding Scratch are black not white.

This is a Body Paint and use the color from the Inner,but we have only two black standard Inner for NGS Body.

To get it white to fit my D'Or Vitesse(white) i need to use my N-Color Change Pass(15xscratch Bonus) to change inner color. Its a bit stupid.Why is there no color Option for Body Paints?

While I agree with the fact that we need more control over body paint, the D'Or Tights/B are white by default and aren't affected by innerwear.

It does state this on the scratch listing on the websute but it really needs to show this in the item description as well.

Ahh ok.

I used the normal one and sold the B Type.Next time i will check it before i sell it.

I know it's not ideal, but can't you just buy white innerwear - it's better than trying to get a N-color change pass.

Yes with buying a withe Inner it should work too.

@thenameless The body paints without the /B or similar match the primary color of your innerwear.