NGS Do I need to max Subclass

In base PSO 2 subclasses came with stats and I had to lvl classes to get a title to get additional stats as well. I didn't like doing this because of course because people have preference and I simple didn't like leveling some of the classes even to 75. We of course needed both at max to get into difficult content as well.

In PSO 2 NGS once I max my main class is their any reason to max my subclass? Is there a reason to max all the class? I understand there is a completionist aspect but I won't miss out on anything by just running around and farming in my prefered class? Part of the reason I'm asking is because I specced all the other classes with skills to support my main but when I put those classes in the main slot they are less than Ideal since all my points went into PP recovery and what not and not the main class only skills.

In NGS, the sub-class level doesn't contribute to BP at all, as sub-class doesn't give any stats. The main class is the only level required to equip weapons (even the sub-class' weapons.) Skill Points assigned to the sub-class skill tree do count toward BP however. But Skill Points are cross-class (and account-wide) in NGS. Meaning when you do all the cocoons/towers on one class, other classes will already have the 20+ Skill Points to freely spend, just waiting to be assigned.

TL;DR: You only need the sub-class chosen and assign skill points to the sub-class' tree. That's all.

in short, no you do not need to level up your sub and there isn't a reason to level it up

Thank you

How do you play multiple classes? I'm max level in NSG in my main and sub, and wanted to rank up in other classes? I noticed that all 20 points are unlocked in all the classes so I used some of the points, but how do I actually play in other classes? Do I have to buy added skill trees or change classes? If I change classes do I get to keep my other classes? I only played as a Summoner in PSO2 so I'm left confused about this please help. Thanks.

@ToriiPhoenix you can only play 1 class and 1 subclass at time, you can change those at any moment by talking with the NPC that deals with all class related and in NGS doing the cocoons and towers unlocks the class points to all classes instead of having then locked by levels like is in base PSO2