So... lizard and storm

You've probably noticed that lizards sometimes have a thunderstorm symbol. A few minutes before the rain starts, the lizards run around with this symbol.Lizard2.jpg Lizard1.jpg

After the rain ends, this symbol disappears for all lizards. Lizard3.jpg

I assume that they get it about 15 minutes before the storm starts. And since there are lizards in all locations, the appearance of the symbol will be a sign to gather to kill Gigantix. The storm may be random, but we have the means to predict it. Or... not ^^

This could be a good find, thanks for sharing.

This isn't what you think it means, that icon means that currently enemy you are targetting has their "weather buff" -- if you recall, ALTERS are noted to have their abilities get stronger under certain weather conditions.

Some get stronger in clear weather, some in rain, some in the day, some at night. I can't say for sure what triggers the Lizard, but it isn't an indicator of thunderstorms.

@Matt I wouldn't dismiss it outright. Even with the way Alters work, if the lizards buff is under a thunderstorm, this can still be used as an indicator that a thunderstorm is in place or in route. Maybe even further indicating that the actual weather itself is in place in game way before the animations change if not also a warning that it is incoming.

Edit: I just mean to say I think it's worth some testing.

Alters are stronger at night noobs, or maybe they are god and know when it´ll rain, who knows?

I am listening taking notes! Their are secret in this game!

Thank you for sharing......on the real!