My PSO2 NGS suddenly uninstalled

Can you guys help me? I can't seem to open my Pso2 NGS. I was just playing totally normal yesterday. But all of a sudden I can't open it anymore. It needs to download again although I have the files. However, the current files that I have seems to not work.pso2 issue.2.png pso2 issue.1.png

It was noted in the update notes that they are aware of an issue with the Microsoft Store that caused it to show the installed game as uninstalled and recommended starting from the start menu instead of from the Microsoft Store.

According to that same announcement, nothing was stated as far as issues or work arounds for steam, but if the files are there, I imagine you could just run the launcher and proceed as normal from that file directory. Hopefully this helps and gets brought up and solved.

Wow. ONE DAY ELEVEN HOURS. I think I would be royally pissed if that happened to me knowing how long it takes to download it.

Also the MS store version tries to do weird things when the server gets a new update. Apparently the NGS game laucher isn't a patcher that picks up a new version for you like the pre NGS PSO2 one did, at least not when running the MS version.

When a new version is out I have to go to the MS store page first, and yes, the play will change to downloading/installing like it is on twitter reported, but that only means it's busy getting the new server version ready for you (this is not a full download so it doesn't take that long). If I don't do this first and launch from the start menu like the twitter suggest, I get a a version mismatch message after selecting ship (so clearly it doesn't update like that).

@Illanya Oof, It's good at least that it will still update in the MS store with the bug present. (Also a user of the MS store) But yeah, hopefully this gets resolved timely and doesn't create space eating reinstallation requiring frustrating scenarios like in pso2 Base.

@Illanya I'm not sure if it's going to help you bypass this problem but my game patched just fine (I think so, MS Store was trying to download extra 1.22 GB in my case) after I logged into Xbox Console Companion and Xbox applications (both may be obtained from MS Store) with Microsoft account. I launch game client perfectly fine through Xbox app on PC, at least until acknowledged issues with MS Store are fixed.

Epic and Steam versions seem to be ok. I'm not really sure why MS Store is usually the one generating a lot of issues. Stability also isn't the best within this platform (exe file tends to stop working after a while... possible leaks on the horizon?), game loads more smoothly on Epic and Steam when switching PSO2 and NGS blocks.

Kind regards!

I can launch the game just fine, just fetching server updates is a tad werid. MS store indeed has some weirdnesses at times, but atm it's not nearly as bad as the old PSO2 client, which could need a full install with a manual edit in command prompt to get some windows related registrations fixed...

Also it should come to mind that some people don't really have a choice of matter which version to use. Grabbing a another version from either BE or NL is a lot harder, if not impossible or not free to play anymore.

Use epic store version, I had no issue for 6+ months with them, and you can link your account with your epic store's one.

Its funny how you clearly show that you are using the Steam version and everyone is talking about the MS Store version. Unfortunately, I'm not sure why the game would suddenly act like this for you on Steam, unless there is an issue with your hard drive that it is installed on.