Gigantix Issues

The entire issue is that Gigantix are time-gated, nothing about them should be time-gated and I was really hoping SEGA was moving away from this, considering PSO2 Episode 6 was fantastic and the Urgents in NGS are not necessary for anything at all.

Gigantix feel like they should just be some sort of raid boss rather than a randomly occurring event on the map, so in this case they should just have a cocoon or tower dedicated to them or something, perhaps with a run limit so people can do it on their own time.

This bullshit of games not respecting peoples' time has to stop. I want to play on my own schedule, not what the game dictates I play on.

Sega apparently doesn’t know how to make a good game. XD

A bunch of observations.

  • Gigantix HP scales to player number. The scaling is probably similar to vets in that it takes only players into vicinity into account and is dynamic with players leaving/joining
  • The effective time you have to fight the boss varies horribly with storms lasting between 3:20 or 3:10 to 6:00 minutes. It' s even worse with the semi random spawn points.
  • 3 minute storms are nearly impossible for full 32 pugs. Sure people still bring their shitty Klauz weapons instead of spending 400k for better alternatives but that's to be expected. Hard to blame the players when in the first place the mechanic should work in cases most of the playerbase isn't willing to spend hours waiting for weather.
  • 10-12 player rooms can successfully kill Gigantix. As for solo I managed to get Nogleth down to a bit beyond enrage with maybe a minute of another player padding hp before leaving. It's highly possible different bosses have different effective HP pools with Oruq possibly being one of the weaker ones.
  • Who the hell thought out all of this with this kind of HP and timer while we still can't make private instances to actually work around these issues. The current director needs to be fired both for this and EP5.


One problem is that the current director is HMZK responsible for EP5. EP6 was directed by YSOK who was basically downgraded to just being the item director... which is interesting considering HMZK basically bombed the whole episode and players were out for his blood with his balancing, while YSOK generally is more on the beloved side for doing more to fix things than wreck things.

@Nasar said in Gigantix Issues:

Extending/normalizing the weather duration is also a given, but you want to keep the challenge so 10 minutes may be a bit too long, so somewhere between 5 and 10 is likely the sweet spot. The biggest problem here is the discrepancies in damage output between the classes. If you're entire zone is full of force and techter you will not kill it in nearly the same time a group full of fighters and gunners. While damage output between weapons isn't that great, the same can't be said between classes as a whole even when played optimally. That alone adds a level of difficulty unrelated to skill to these boss's current iteration - does your random pug group have a good mix of classes that can hit the dps requirement.

You can have difficult content without having strict time limits, a strict time limit only adds frustration, not difficulty.

Without a time limit at all (and if it was possible to create passworded explorations), there would even be people challenging themselves to try to solo them, even if it took a long time to beat them (such as urgent quests in PSO2, there are players that have soloed them or ran them in small groups just for the fun of it, taking between 30 to 60 mins in them).

This is awful content. I hate how he just disappears without even an animation like he is bugged.

@Naomao said in Gigantix Issues:

"Difficult "content by SEGA : Put a boss with billion of HP, Make him hit hard AF ( oneshot ) with a random hit, put a short timer to kill him, bonus : make him appear only in special weather for some reason. It's just boring like the UQ, SEGA have no idea how to make an interesting fight / real boss fight with good mechanic.

Sega has no idea how to make the whole of pso2 and ngs dont count then? Nothing theyve done has been interesting or considered a "real" boss fight?

I don't mind having to speed clear but I hate the wait times. Granted this has let me meet new people since while waiting people tend to be more likely to strike up a convo.

I hope the first adjustment they make to this is to allow us to have a better idea on when there will be a thunderstorm. Waiting around for hours is really not a good idea esp when the boss despawns real quick so you are basically forced to camp.

And you have to ask anyone under level 20 to leave if you want to beat it.

Honestly I would say focus on something else for the time being til this is adjusted

@Weirdo said in Gigantix Issues:

And you have to ask anyone under level 20 to leave if you want to beat it.

This is one of the dumbest things about this new "content" We are forced to ask poor players to leave so they don't make it harder.

It really is

@LusterMain said in Gigantix Issues:

We got our new content. Really unfortunate that it's not even worth bothering to play right now, apparently? From what I've heard:

Exploration sectors are always public (?) Anyone being in the sector will scale the boss higher (Update: May use proximity, for what it's worth) Only level 20 players can contribute to the fight Thunderstorms are random Thunderstorms last a random amount of time Gigantix throw out oneshots constantly Gigantix have colossal health pools

So what we have is a boss that spawns randomly, demands you are max level with maxed gear to squeeze as much DPS as possible as well as being extremely good at the fight, and despawns randomly so even if you do all of that it's still luck based if you can kill it. Plus, randoms who aren't going to fight it/literally cannot fight it can show up and make it even tankier. Nice.

Whoa. Who would have guessed that they'd go so low so soon. Must be a record for adding the "hardcore" stuff into a game. One of these things would be bad enough, but all at the same time? Someone must really hate us and are on a quest to make the game as unejoyable as possible.

Anyway, thanks for the warning. If i see one of these things, i'll just get the hell out of dodge.

I don't understand how these MMO developers keep making the same mistakes over and over again, and seem incapable of learning from each other. It has been over a decade and we are still "waiting around for an inordinate amount of time for RNG to spawn content in an open world where anyone and everyone can join"... in 2021... when players throughout the ages have screamed they don't like this and the reasons why it doesn't work.

"XXX game did this and the players really didn't like it, why don't we change the aspect they didn't like and improve on it," or "XXX game did it like this and players loved it, I think if we add this to it we can make it an even better experience!" But no, it's just "Let's frustrate the players!" and fail fail fail fail again for the thousandth time. No wonder this genre is stagnating, and I expect the same shit from upcoming MMO's as well.

So pathetic

@BrokeSadMillennial Games like ffxiv are definitely not stagnating. And no company is beyond mistakes and mishaps. Folks aren't even willing to give these devs a chance. It's just dogging to the max when something goes wrong

After thinking for a while, I think the ideal implementation of the gigantix bosses would have been if they had no time limit at all, and only despawned if they're not aggroing a player when a thunderstorm ends. This means that when a thunderstorm ends and a gigantix fight is going on, the boss would only despawn if the whole multi-party would get wiped out.