Gigantix Issues

@XenoBladeX37645 The problem is not the difficulty, but just how badly designed the whole system is.

Tbh most people who manage to kill them probably just spam Juliene anyway since they still didn't fix that yet, ah, and there's also fixa termina bug too.

LMFAO It's official, Sega has absolutely no idea what they're doing. They took every single negative route with implementing this content.

@Jijipoid said in Gigantix Issues:

Well i know what quest i am abandoning.. maybe they were trying to encourage large highly active alliances to form in the game? I know when it come to guilds other games use to have content that would require large active guilds.. but this like requires constant activity at least till one spawns.. seems kind of shortsighted.. maybe it will be altered later..

Well the task from NPC is just to find one, not actually kill one. Was running around on a non-20 doing my gathering dailies and hitting up other nodes when this big purple glowly looking thing started to shoot lasers at me in North Aelio, my task completed and I ran like hell.

Don't think you can abandon the limited time event ones.

@XenoBladeX37645 Generally difficult content should be "instanced"

Or atleast a warning should be given like a UQ, meaning people to low can clear out, and people looking for it know where to go. But well, that would make it just a another UQ i guess:P

I wonder why they neglected the option to do so from the start anyways.

If they want pop up events to happen on the exploration fields, they should take a look at GW2 as an example on how to do it right.

@Illanya In my opinion, the worst part of it is the time limit. Extending the time limit alot (how long the thunderstorm lasts) alone would help make this more bearable for pugs.

Maybe the thunderstorm should stay until killed.

@Weirdo I'm not 100% sure, but seems like the weather is the same in every block? So the thunderstorm staying until the boss is killed wouldn't work (since different instances would kill the boss faster than others).

Maybe make weather effects last a minimum amount of time, like 10 mins? The current amount of time is just not enough, plus the weather changing too fast isn't visually pleasing anyway.

I am saying as a fix for the lack of time.

@Weirdo If the weather is shared between different blocks and instances, then your solution is not possible.

If I'm not wrong about the weather being shared, let's say there's people fighting a gigantix in block 1 and block 2, when a thunderstorm ends in block 1, it also ends in block 2 (due to it being shared), so it's not possible for the thunderstorm to end when the boss is killed, because other blocks could still be fighting it.

A possible solution would be to increase the minimum amount of time a weather effect lasts.

If you keep it there until it's killed, then that takes out what makes it hard. I'm not saying I agree with how Gigantix is currently implemented. Even non level 20 players could wittle it down 1 hp at a time if it never despawned. I do think there needs to be an adjustment on the minimum time a weather effect is active. 5/10 minutes sounds reasonable for the prepared.

Edit: Additionally, every block has multiple rooms of the different areas. Considering they can instance off higher level rooms (rank 2 areas). I don't see how it would be impossible to have the rooms that spawn a gigantix become "rank 2" zones and move players who are not level 20 to a rank 1 zone on a warning timer. The game does all this in the background as players move through zones and fill up rooms anyways.

We can all come up with a way for it to work better, it's not hard to imagine. So I kinda wonder what led them to implement it this way.

@Ezodagrom No clue if it is shared. Another option would to have it not despawn as long as people are still fighting it.

@FoolsArcana I feel you are closest to an actual solution here with the creation of max level rooms. Simple enough to add I imagine if you could go to the devices and select "create room" and set a level requirement to join and/or make it open to only alliance/friends. It already does this automatically, so I can't see letting people doing it on their own being a difficult addition.

Extending/normalizing the weather duration is also a given, but you want to keep the challenge so 10 minutes may be a bit too long, so somewhere between 5 and 10 is likely the sweet spot. The biggest problem here is the discrepancies in damage output between the classes. If you're entire zone is full of force and techter you will not kill it in nearly the same time a group full of fighters and gunners. While damage output between weapons isn't that great, the same can't be said between classes as a whole even when played optimally. That alone adds a level of difficulty unrelated to skill to these boss's current iteration - does your random pug group have a good mix of classes that can hit the dps requirement.

I'd also add, if they don't want to let us easily limit zones by level then the bosses need to be smart about not scaling off sub 20 players as well as adjust based on what classes are present. These bosses either exist to be pugged or require organized groups for proper group composition. If it's the latter then these should be fully instanced events or it just exists to breed frustration and turn people off to the content entirely.

"Difficult "content by SEGA : Put a boss with billion of HP, Make him hit hard AF ( oneshot ) with a random hit, put a short timer to kill him, bonus : make him appear only in special weather for some reason. It's just boring like the UQ, SEGA have no idea how to make an interesting fight / real boss fight with good mechanic.