Gigantix Issues

Wasn't too bad after fix, finally got all 6 classes to 20 and then spent large part of Saturday to get the 5 kills.

Apparently storms actually are set times on both servers - we just have no (official) way of knowing if they are going to happen beforehand.

Global storms can currently be predicted ~3 hours ahead of time due to differences in maint times because of this, apparently.

Again, I just need to echo. I'm not sure if I just have amazing luck (Dudu pun intended) or what, but I have had multiple storms within the supposed 2 hour windows most people claim to be sitting through. I play mostly in the evening of CST if that's a factor. And after knocking out my dailies, I'm generally just running around grabbing resources.

@Yui2387 said in Gigantix Issues:

I just waited over an hour for the second time and Gigantix didn't spawn a single time. Then I checked the drops and outside of the augments the weapons are maybe a 1-2% upgrade to existing stuff while also lowering your survivabilty and the units are very questionable aswell.

Also, Xeno your way of arguing is just stupid as hell. First of all, they claimed the short duration was a bug, so them fixing it was their own intention always. The overall content/encounter is just so poorly designed that even though you have enough time to kill it, people complain. Why? Because it is bad content. When people suggest this should have been a new UQ, you know you fuck up, because the UQ=main content design was always very questionable and in my opinion pure garbage. There is also no strategy involved, just make sure there aren't many <20lvl players around. Everytime the boss stomps the ground you see 10 dead people, but it doesn't really matter. Make this boss part of a new cocoon and give it 2 difficulty settings, so it feels more like an mmo. You can then either make it challenging by not giving additional healing items or simply a timer (dps check, but easier to balance because 4-8player content). People wouldn't need to wait to play the game, could adjust the difficulty to their likeling/gear and fucking play the game.

I disagree because this is more or less Training day! If you think about it deeply with the tasks and quest at the beginning of our endeavors it is about training, teaching and preparing.

Example: If you look at how the armor sets are situated including the New geant armor and take notice of the blocked off zones (Unexplored) you may evaluate that the environment may have an effect. What people have not mentioned or noticed is that when you are equipped with Gent armor units that you, from time to time take status effects from the thunder storm during the Gigantic battles! Or how the pre-affixes and Levels on those armor and weapon series indicate a suggested path of your weaknesses if the affixes were not applied. The content we are getting is getting you ready to logically summarize strategies for the different type of system you have gotten accustom to on the original Pso2 (It won’t just be about damage output without skill or purpose) This really is a whole new game and we all in the noob area of it all. It won’t become apparent until those who have been paying attention to the subtle but apparent details.

This thread is where people are starting to pay attention!