Gigantix Issues

Update: Emergency maint happened + player questions have been answered, so some listed issues have been clarified or eliminated, and some things have been edited to reflect this (mainly, first impressions and tone).

Current issues:

  • Only level 20 players can contribute to the fight
  • Anyone being in the sector will scale the boss higher Proximity is used.
  • Exploration sectors are always public (mostly a non-issue due to proximity, but you still can't stop people who don't know/don't care/want to grief. some way to organize rooms or have a check would be ideal)
  • Thunderstorms are random unpredictable (same time on both servers with offsets from maint)
  • Thunderstorms last a random amount of time (Adjusted in maint - minimum time is no longer unreasonable)
  • Gigantix throw out oneshots constantly (Minimum time is no longer unreasonable)
  • Gigantix have colossal health pools (Minimum time is no longer unreasonable)

So, currently, our endgame is waiting around for a thunderstorm to happen (which can take hours). While it would be interesting as side content or just to fill out the world with content in general, the big issue right now is that this is the main content. This kind of system is inherently bad for main content.

Possible solutions:

  • Some way to separate lv20 from below, at least in scaling
  • Make thunderstorms predictable.

My main issue with Gigantix is that they are anti-player. They demand you to sit around doing nothing to even have a chance at fighting them (I guess you could run around gathering meat/augment capsules but that's not exactly exciting...), because you cannot just log on and fight them, you need to prepare a group of people to sit around for up to 2 hours for something that might happen, and then the Gigantix spawns in a random part of the map as well, meaning you waste time looking for it.

I also had no Gigantix in North Aelio during a thunderstorm a couple of hours back too, so that was cool.

One shots and big HP pools is fine I think, but everything else surrounding this content is just straight up bullshit and does not respect the player.

30 sec - 1 min live, then despawn. Dumbest shit I've ever seen in mmorpg's.

Well i know what quest i am abandoning.. maybe they were trying to encourage large highly active alliances to form in the game? I know when it come to guilds other games use to have content that would require large active guilds.. but this like requires constant activity at least till one spawns.. seems kind of shortsighted.. maybe it will be altered later..

@Matt said in Gigantix Issues:

One shots and big HP pools is fine I think

Personally I don't mind it either, I just think that having essentially the only endgame right now be so significantly harder than everything else is a bit questionable. But we won't really know whether or not it's current HP and damage are okay unless they actually make thunderstorms a set duration.

Has anyone managed to kill one yet?

Does the dmg stay on the thing between spawns maybe? Like with the doomgazer in FF6 (or FF3 in USA). that thing would run away in fight too, but it keeps the dmg you did untill that point if you encounter it again.


People have been able to kill them.

@LusterMain Thank you.

I haven't logged in yet today, but the rate and randomness of thunderstorms up to this point definitely hasn't been promising. And having them scale up from players who cannot realistically contribute to the time frame sensitivity of the situation is really awful.

Also, has anyone else noticed the thing pointed out in the below topic?


@FoolsArcana said in Gigantix Issues:

Also, has anyone else noticed the thing pointed out in the below topic?

How does this help if people simply do not have time to kill him?

If it is indeed a warning that gives you a heads up a thunderstorm is coming, you could gather level 20 players into the block and scatter out like a net.

How is information that speeds up grouping, finding and being prepared for it not going to help when time is limited?


It gives a more clear indicator of when thunderstorms start (either to prepare for them, or that the gameplay effects start well before the visual ones) so players can begin to hunt down a Gigantix spawn earlier. It's helpful, but doesn't necessarily address any of the issues with Gigantix right now.

"Is Pazuzu up?" is how I sum up my experience with Gigantix so far. That, and all the issues mentioned.

@FoolsArcana said in Gigantix Issues:

How is information that speeds up grouping, finding and being prepared for it not going to help when time is limited?

People are already standing and waiting in filled 32/32 locations, they are standing and waiting right at the spawn point. They don't have time to kill him ...