So I've noticed some weird things in regards to augments in NGS that I'm unsure if it's a bug or just the UI not correctly displaying stats.

The first thing I found while augmenting gear was that when increasing potency and using more than one augment that does so the game will show it increases the potency on the gear. However this only holds true with whole numbers(ie 1% 2% etc). When using Precision II (1.5% potency) and Lab Note(1.5% potency) both it shows up as +2% ranged potency on it's stats and not +3%. Rifle in question was a Foursis Rifle.

For comparison, I also have a Cattleya Knuckles with Might I(1% potency) and Forms Soul II(2% potency) and this combo shows up as 3% potency total on the weapon as expected.

It does show the correct total potency on the main stats page from all the gear/augments combined, but it's odd that it wouldn't show the correct amount on the Rifle itself when 1.5% augments were used.

Also I'm unsure if augmenting units(not weapons) with anything that increases floor potency does anything or not as when putting dread keeper or deftness on your weapon does indeed show the minimum potency increase, but when you use dread keeper on a unit there is no stat change on the weapon and no other place to see floor potency in your stats at all. It could still be raising the floor potency but there's no visual confirmation in your stats anywhere that is working or not.

Just curious if anyone else ran into/noticed any odd things like that in regards to augments.