NGS Error 630s

Are there any other NGS players out there getting 630'd? I haven't seen many topics regarding 630s in NGS and starting to worry it's a problem on my end now. They don't seem as frequent in NGS as they did for me in old PSO2, but got one 630 in the salon, and today just idling in the city.

How has 630 been for other NGS players?

I only see it at times when I log in the first time on a certain day. After getting stuck in the loading tunnel for a while it gives a 630. But if I just reenter the game immediatly it loads properly. once I'm in the game I never experienced any problems staying connected, not counting the lagspike issues.

It's been happening to me a lot since update

I've been getting consistent 630s when moving from a rank 2 zone/Resol Forest to Central City. I also get 630'd when afking in a lobby or using the Salon or Item Enhancement NPC but those are less consistent. Not sure when I started to get them again but I want to say it was around the 16th after maintenance.

@cameronc-abad I can’t even log in. I need help. Every time I try to log I get a 630 error

I experience these when trying to load up base pso2:/

@Seiichi Yeah I can't get into classic PSO2 either on PC or Xbox. I get this error or something like not being able to communicate with servers every single time. I've tried port porwarding, and adding exceptions to firewall and anti-virus. Nothing works. I filed and official ticket with Sega as I don't believe this is a problem on my end at this point.