Ranger and his best friends. A few tips about Blight Rounds (Weak bullet)

Hello, fellow arks. We have a lot of Rangers. And they are, without a doubt, amazing. But I have a few suggestions on how to become an even more amazing ranger.

Behold! A mighty link to the video! [Video Link]

Well, in short, there is the following information:

  • a little basic information about the skill

  • How to increase its duration

  • Marking of minerals and containers

There will probably be people who will find this information useful.

A small addition. Now that Gigantix is out. You, as a ranger, decide where ordinary soldiers like us should shoot. And you must decide correctly. IF you, like me, prefer to hunt Daityl Axe in North Aelio, then first mark one of his legs. This helps to melee players. And when he is stunned you mark his chest. He gets up, you mark one of the legs again. And so on until he dies. If you hunt in other regions... then watch the more experienced rangers and listen to what people say in the chat. ))

And most importantly, among the 32 random players, there will most likely always be several rangers. And if you see that someone else is doing everything right, then do not interfere with him. For example, If one of the legs is already marked, then do not mark the other. Don't confuse people.