[NGS] Humanoid Type 1 Body Bug

The Humanoid Type 1 Body has been bugged since launch. In the salon people can't remove outfit to make proper changes to the body and even when trying to preview an inwear from scratch or shop the preview window just comes up blank.

I think since this game is so heavy on customization having this kind of bug is kinda annoying.

@RealLifePotat Been having this same exact problem and it's infuriating. Is there any possible workaround for this, or are we just outta luck until SEGA decides to fix it?

@Createnna After I posted I noticed few post bellow some1 said setting simple settings to ultra then modifying fixes it but that still didn't work for me and that still would only be a temporary bandaid. I think we need to wait for them to even notice the bug. And I can't beleive no one at SEGA plays a male character to notice this.

Can confirm this bug exist. This is happening both in NGS and PSO2 blocks. Can this please get added as a known bug so it can be fixed ASAP?

@Shade_Koopa Submit a bug report ticket. It’s kind of the only way? It doesn’t seem like support really looks into these posts. Submitting a report doesn’t really help either because it doesn’t seem like they look at them. It’s been a week and still no response, but at least try the ticket. Maybe it just takes a lot longer to receive replies back. SEGA lagging it on response and bug fixing.

Hello! This bug has been seen and will be communicated to the NGS Team. Thank you for letting us know!

@GM-Deynger Could you guys also fix the PSO2 Outerwear/Outfit bug as well? It’s the bug that makes you tall, bulky, and pale when wearing the PSO2 outerwear/outfits. Thing is this bug only effects fellow players. You see the people wearing these pieces with the incorrect body/skintone sliders and not yourself. If you are wearing the pieces though, your friends/other players see YOU this way. Seems the game has a problem loading in other players with those layers equipped.

@GM-Deynger Thank you for the update! Most of the bugs seem to get a notice on the website so it was concerning that this one wasn't addressed yet.

@GM-Deynger Thank you for the acknowledgement of the bug. We hope to see it fixed soon.