Salon Pass+Premuim are not working in NGS

Yesterday i change the first time my Outfit from Old PSO2 to a NGS Body Outfit. Im using a Salon Pass for it,but outside the Salon the Outfit was meh. Going into Salon again and want use my old Outfit again but hey i need to use a Salon Pass again. Where are my 60min free Change Time from being Premuim?

The game has been experiencing major issues lately, so the salon might have a few bugs in it... 😕

The 60 minute grace period is for the Salon Pass, not the "Salon Free Pass". I found that out the hard way from base PSO2 when I made some changes to my char back in December

Ok i need to check my Salon Pass if they normal or Free Pass. I had 2 stacks in my character storage. One with 6 and one with 2 and i used the 2er Stack yesterday.