HP-PP Convert not turning on upon click

This might already have been announced but sometimes while fighting with my Vialto Talis I run out of PP and click HP-PP convert on my sub palette though it doesn't do anything. Eventually it will work but I'm forced to runaway and dodge while trying to activate it. #HPPPCONVERT #FORCE

I have bounced between KB+Mouse and Controller to see if there was a difference, and oddly enough have the same issue with both. Tried the others skills and seemingly all others work fine. Outside of Force's HP-PP skill. Which takes me hitting the activation twice to use.

Thus, when it decides to work, I end up wasting two charges due to the inaccuracy of will it work on a single push or not. Why I moved to being a Italian sauce name - aka Ra/Gu

I think it might be due to it taking HP and certain passives on some key subs treating it as possibly attack damage versus skill activation. Mainly thinking Fo/Hu and Fo/Ra might be the reasons the skill is funky despite many others not taking HU and RA as subs.

It's not just with the talis its also with the rod. I'm having lots of issues with items on the subpalette not calling up properly even in the base version which is odd. I don't think its just PP conversion.