How to get good

So I'm a bit of a crappy player by this community's standards, which is fine, I like to play my games at my own pace, buuut I'm kinda suckin' here.

I'm manning Te/Fo, levels 11 and 10 respectively, and my Battle Points are comfortably camping out at 980-ish. So I'm gonna admit I'm struggling a bit.

So how do I get better at this game, and be a better asset to those around me? I would love joining a UQ eventually.

Thanks for your time and help!


Are you struggling with the gameplay, or BP?

If it's BP, my personal suggestion is to max out the 1* starter gear (Primm) before leveling any higher rarity items. The gap in power between 1* and 4* (max rarity currently) items right now is very small, but 4* items are significantly more costly to enhance, which can slow down your progression a lot.

Make sure your weapon is leveled up (This also unlocks more augment slots). Make sure your armor is leveled up(This also unlocks more augment slots). Make sure that the augment slots on all of your equipment are filled. Make sure you've spent all your skill points (and have all of them) on both main and sub class skill trees. Make sure you've leveled up the potential of your weapon.

If it's gameplay, specific information on what you're struggling with is needed to give proper advice.

Ooh sorry, I was a bit vague there, I guess my main complaint would be BP.

I also came across some guides on the Bumped website, got to educate myself there a bit.

I guess my next question is what would be the best skills for the Fo and Te skill tree? I've tried nosing around to find any suggested setups, but no such luck.

@Antiseptic easy way to increase BP would be to get skill points from cocoons and towers. A total of 20 points from them would bump up your BP significantly.

Past that is old fashioned lvling. Iā€™d recommend Vanford Laboratory Ruins until you hit lvl 15.


For Force, put one point into every skill except Short Charge. Short charge is really bad and not worth the skill point right now (though not so bad that Force becomes significantly worse with it active. It only gets a little worse with Ice and Lightning). After that, you can spend the leftover points on what you like. I spent my leftovers on PP conversion.

Techter has the most complicated (biggest) tree of all the classes. I would for sure take every shifta/deband related skill, resta field, all the wand skills, and all the talis skills. I believe this leaves you with only 3 SP left to spend how you like. From what I know Techter does not make good use of Barta Blot, Zonde Clad, and Slow Landing Charge.

Thanks so much for the advice! I'm excited to hop back on now lol

@Pariah-Chan I'm probably gonna sound like an idiot asking this, but are there a total of 20 cocoons and towers in total? Or are you able to get more than one skill point per spot?

I'm a fan of the grind, thanks so much for the advice. šŸ™‚


Cocoons give 1 skill point each, and towers give 4 skill points each. I think since you're level 11 you should be able to take on every cocoon and tower (they max at level 15. enemies stop taking reduced damage once you are at least four levels below them) that you've found, if you couldn't before.

If you are level 11, and after getting all the points and leveling your weapon/armor you should be able to get to 1100 easily that point you should unlock Forest (you'll get the quest for it). And after completing that quest ( will be be quite hard probably as it seems the quest one is harder than the one you get outside after that), you should farm there. At 11-12 Lab is not the best to farm lvl's.

Here is a link to a thread with various force users in NGS talking about the class and offering some good insight. Hopefully it will be of some help.

Other than basic class information you can choose to read there and below this point, make sure you make a custom food recipe that caters to your class. I run 7 light meats, 2 light fruits and 1 robust meat for extra potency, pp, and pp recovery. As Te/fo.

Unfortunately, I don't use techer for it's weapon at all, so I cannot really comment too much on the skill tree if you intend to use wand. I am also a Te/Fo but I primarily cast Techniques and run Techer as main class just to buff and heal others around me. 8 people doing 5% more damage and taking 10% less damage is yum, not to mention the pp regen. I think you have to have a minimum of 4 people to buff for Techer to be "optimal". So I mostly used Techer SP on Shifta/Deband and it's add-ons.(7) I also filled out the elemental weakness PB charge and stuck a point into awake yell. (18) and then grabbed resta field and barta blot.(20). On the Force Side, I put 10 points into pp recovery up. 1 point into pp conversion and another into conversion increase. (12) I slipped points into Slow landing charge, Technique Charge pp well up, killing pp gain.(15) and my last five points went into Zonde clad, Elemental bullet, Rod react advanced, Tricky capacitor, and Talis bloom revoke.(20) This allows me to use Talis for the main weapon boost since it's a Techer main weapon, and by multi weaponing it with a rod, I can take advantage of Rod guard for the extra dps/elemental build up/ zonde and barta build up and the lack of a solid defense action that talis doesn't have (in additional to it's slower casting speed.)

I cannot really comment on how I stack up to other forces but by no means do I feel useless in UQs/Combat zones. Especially when the other 7 players are typically fighters, gunners and rangers.