For FUCKS SAKE! ( pardon my french), But I am just PEEVED that every time I close my browser, I have to login to 2 GODDAM sites! Then only when I finally get to the forums , IT FUCKING ASKS ME TO LOG IN AGAIN! Just WTF!! Talk about having your wires crossed.!

My biggest PEEVE is how SEGA always pulls shit out of their ass, unscheduled maintenance and not The same has happened to me yet AGAIN, MOTHER FUCKERS IM PISSED! I actually took time off from work so that I can finally grind my heart out, Or so I thought- only to find that as soon a 7 P.M. there is another FUCKING maintenance! I have just about had it with this shit.

What is SEGA gonna say? " We thank you for your kind understanding", oh really? you haven't been kind to me not in the very least! SO I DON'T UNDERSTAND!

I dont want to hear about Japan this , Or Japan that- JUST STFU About Japan already!

My condolences.

Unscheduled/emergency maint is just that, it’s unscheduled. It sucks when it happens when you want to play, but having a massive bitch about it on the forums isn’t going to get you anywhere. They’re taking them down cause issues need fixing, has time goes on they will become less frequent, as they get all the bugs ironed out, but until then it’s just something we have to deal with.

This is just the new maint time. It is also weekly now.

Okay... well, welcome to what is very likely our new downtime schedule forever more. This wasn't unscheduled at all, we knew it was coming. Even in cases where it isn't, shit happens, this is just a game.

Now might I suggest stepping outside to take a breather? See a therapist maybe? Get Pet a puppy?

Wait, they’re having a meltdown over an a scheduled main? I haven’t been on much the last week so haven’t checked when it was.

@TEN-SQUARE-3 Ya this was 100% scheduled.

Sure it sucks that it's 4 hours earlier than what we're all used to. But that just means we get to spend our Tuesday nights doing something else than standing around Central. Not like our lives grind to a halt because one game has an early maintenance.... right?

@Weirdo said in MAKE UP YOUR MIND SEGA !:

This is just the new maint time. It is also weekly now.

Yes, it's not unscheduled at all. This was the time last week, it's the time that occasionally displayed mentions on the new website describe as weekly, it's the time as per the announcement for this week's scheduled maintenance that was posted a day ago, and it's certainly the time for the start of maintenance two weeks from now as the in-game Limited-Time tasks associated with the Rocket Start Campaign specifically end at the weekly maintenance start time.

They could perhaps reinstate the message about it being a weekly maintenance somewhere on the new site (from a conveyance standpoint the new site definitely has room for improvement!) but it's enough to know this is when maintenance will take place every week.

As an M rated game, it’s very responsible of them to age gate their website. Sadly both websites they run is joined at the hip and can’t be accessed separately. XD

@Miraglyth said in MAKE UP YOUR MIND SEGA !:

They could perhaps reinstate the message about it being a weekly maintenance somewhere on the new site


Despite the words used, there are many points in the OP which I can relate to. What SEGA is doing about the maintenance announcement is pretty awful IMPO.

I see that the Trolls come forth out of the Woodwork in an tattempt to convey innonce. Well played, well played indeed.

Along with all the cliche's that they use only to make themselves look good. Granted , Im not talking about most of you, just the more Obvious ones.

ALl that being said.- When a message is spoken, Sometimes you really need to shout from the rooftops to get a message across.

At this point I question if the NA team for NGS is understaffed, underpaid, or incompetent. Like there’s been improvement on them showing scratch details, but everything else just seems so horribly ran. 😕

Well, To me there are a few things going on here. I am prone to beleive that at some point, Vanilla PSO2 may be going away.

I doubt that they would seperate the two, It's quite possible, But I doubt that would be the case. UNLESS - they had some sort of requirement that you had to do in one versus the other, But at the current rate, I sincerely doubt that would be a thing.

This forums definitely remembers my info and I haven't had to re-enter log in info at all. I think it is linked to whatever Microsoft account I have running for my Win10?

And this maint is a scheduled one - Every Tuesday 7PM Pacific for 6 hours unless announced otherwise.