[Base] Can't search the "zooey oscurità" items in Shop [Solved after maint]

Title says it all. You can't search these items. I was hoping someone would have a set of shadow for trade or sale and you can't search any of these items. It glitches and gives you anything in the consumables tab listed by price instead. I would assume its because of the character on the 'a'? I'm not entirely sure. But i really wanted the shadow version and thought i would bring this up.

PS: if anybody has the shadow [ba] and the matching [in] do let me know. I'm willing to trade.

If you execute the search option with the name typed in exactly as is then it gives you an entire list of every consumables starting with the cheapest at 1050 mes. I did it with both the top search bar and without just to make sure i wasn't crazy. Maybe i just needed to re-log and try again but with maintenance it will be a while.

Then you need to type it in verbatim:

Zooey Oscuritá: Shadow [Ba]

@Pariah-Chan I think I believe the issue is after the NGS update hit they got a bit more crazy with blocking accented characters being used by players.

People may recall how if you tried to use something like á or Japanese characters etc it would just eat your message and send nothing, I believe what is happening here now is because of the á its clearing the whole thing and searching the shop like if he typed nothing in at all. I'll need to check after maint though.

That could be the issue, I’d need to check as well

@Pariah-Chan I have almost 1k hours in game. I know what is going on. I'm not going to lie i feel like you are insulting my intelligence when repeatedly stated i did exactly as you described.

I’m just going thru troubleshooting @The_Penance , maybe it’s sold out in your ship?

@Pariah-Chan No if i check the prices on the new scratch it says there are plenty there even the base version. that's the problem: all versions of the item: [ba], [in], [ou] doesn't matter what color or variety the search yields the same thing. Just random consumable materials. Again: i can see prices of the base versions when checking the scratch and it shows almost a dozen of those. But when i try to go to those shops they don't show up. Doesn't matter if i copy and paste, type it in direction, use the search function, etc. It still gives me a random list of materials when i search. Its actually searching and bringing up items. Just not the right ones.

That definitely sounds like a major bug, hopefully it gets fixed after the maintenance. 🤞

I just tried after maintenance and now its working both the search AND typing it in. lol. Well guess this is solved.