[XBOX NGS] Graphical Glitches

Been trying NGS on XBOX SERIES S, And i noticed that sometimes when Bloom is Turned on in Central City, it can cause the screen to flicker black. Also sometimes the top of the screen flickers while running in Central City .

I've had the same issues as you actually but in my case i had everything turned up to max graphics settings on my xbox series s and it looked pretty good until I had the screen go black. I have seperate posts about this as well.

Only thing I can suggest for now is go back to balanced graphics settings and hope sega fixes this soon. I suspect the fix would be making NGS xbox series s/x optimized so the game isn't running in xbox one backwards compatibility mode.

I noticed today I had the screen flickering to black at certain points in central city and this is on default graphics settings. Sega, please get this fixed ASAP.