Wands in NGS

This is kinda a two part post, first is there anyway to maximize damage of wands in NGS? Like should Techter be a mainclass or subclass if I want it to do the most damage with wands Photon Arts (and normal attacks too), because I feel like I'm just wasting PP with wands, and then not doing enough damage to make up for it.

Also even if you can make wands more effective damage-wise, I still think wands are pretty boring, and could use some changes regardless. Like for one charging Swift Smash isn't fun, it's just a waste of time when it could have just been instant damage instead, even if they made the attack slower to make up for it.

In base PSO2 it kinda works for Heavy Hammer, especially since it also vertically tracks enemies (which most of them also move around much less than they do in NGS), and the 3rd stage of it actually does decent damage, but in NGS there's only 2 stages, it's really hard to hit even bosses with it (as they move constantly) it drains pp pretty quick, and then doesn't do damage that's worth the PP cost.

The other PA Wave Crash is a little more fun (though I think the radius could be bigger, and again it costs too much PP) considering there are weapons that are much more effective at mobbing as they have PAs that cost less PP, do more damage (whether through attack speed, and number of hits, or damage per hit) and hit enemies further away than this PA does.

Applying an element to the wand by charging a Tech with that element previously also doesn't increase the damage enough to enemies that are weak against it, it barely makes a difference if you use the correct element or no element. The only thing that it's really useful for is inflicting status effects without using PP (but there's no rate increase, so it can still take numerous swings for it to trigger).

Which at that point, why even use the wand? Talis' PAs are more useful, but even if you don't use those the Talis is still more useful as it can summon a drone, and it's normal attacks can hit enemies at a distance, which is better for refilling PP, so even just for casting techs normally without the special versions of Talis, it would still be a better choice for casting techs with too.

Anyway basically I think the PP cost should be lowered for both PAs, the charging for Swift Smash should be removed in favor for the attack after the part where you move towards the enemy with the PA possibly being slightly slower but doing more damage (or it's not really that fast anyway so it probably wouldn't need that even), the range of Wave Crash being increased, and having the element on the wand do more (like Idk maybe have it have a chance to cast an elemental blast that hits enemies around you when using any attack, or just make it do more damage, or have it increase the size of attacks, idk, anything to make it more useful).

should Techter be a mainclass or subclass if I want it to do the most damage with wands Photon Arts (and normal attacks too)

If you want to maximize the damage of wands, Techter should be your main class. Weapons from your main class get a 10% damage bonus. Skills from other classes can't make up for this due to being locked to their own weapons or being conditional.

@LusterMain Well there is that, but I was wondering like for example if Force gets enough damage in their levels would it be enough where while photon flare is up it would really be worth it (as one of the things photon flare does is increase damage by 20% while active). Or other classes might make it even better if you turn it into a multiweapon (as we're still not entirely sure if multiweapons get the 10% boost or not if they're the second weapon).


Photon Flare does not apply to Wands, only Force's weapons (Rod and Talis). Even if it did work on wands, I've seen people do math that shows it's slightly weaker than shifdeba over time (even after their nerf from CBT).

Using a multiweapon won't help, multiweapons won't transfer the 10% mainclass bonus. Unless I am very unaware, that is the reason so many people got so upset over the 10% mainclass bonus - because it "ruins" multiweapons like this.

@LusterMain I don't think anyone ever actually proved whether it applies to multiweapons or not in that thread, or at least since the last time I checked it they didn't. It just seems to be people assuming one way or another. Also you can still use your subclass weapon without it being a multiweapon, so it's possible it just doesn't apply to that but does to multiweapons and the wording was just weird. But I don't actually know what the actual case is.


I'm just strongly assuming it doesn't work for multiweapons given so many people got very angry about it and still are very angry about it. Though it would be exceedingly entertaining if all of the back and forth seething was rendered pointless because multiweapons did get the 10% mainclass bonus for multi'd sub weapons after all.

Regardless, it still shouldn't matter, because main class weapon skills still don't transfer to sub-multis (Unless I am very unaware), and the only class that has a damage boost skill that isn't locked to it's own weapons is.... well, Te.