Random lines under text

The lines are not supposed to be there and they are more noticeable at 4k. They are absent in og pso2 but they are present in ngs. This looks unprofessional. They were shown in the beta and they haven't fixed it. Has anybody talked about it or am I the only one who notice it and is bothered by it?

Are you using anything like GShade or Reshade? Because I know those have some shaders that cause that.

@Riesz I don't have GShade or Reshade installed.

This seems to be an issue with resolution higher than 1080p. 2k has those but less noticeable.

I can confirm that they’re there at 1080p on Xbox as well

Can confirm this is an issue also. 2k resolution's had issues in the CBT with text like 'Bujin' having the j cut off from the bottom. That issue was resolved upon release but the text looks very messy with all the lines.

Someone brought this up on the NGS forum a bit ago too: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/12805/weird-lines-below-text

By default the UI resolution is on 720p. That's the problem. Change it to your resolution and boom, fixed. Say thanks to Xbox for that though. Consoles always fucking up everything.

@Herald-of-Zenchi "PC master race", am i right? Sheesh...

@Yggranya said in Random lines under text:

@Herald-of-Zenchi "PC master race", am i right? Sheesh...

Master race? Oh no no. It's just consoles lowering the baseline for quality and then we deal with these pieces of trash.

@Herald-of-Zenchi Yes, "PC master race", indeed...

@Herald-of-Zenchi do you expect the industry to have gotten where it is without consoles? How did the Commodore 64 and other “pc based“ ones do? Even now if consoles were to evaporate and everyone who wanted to do so simply had the $1k+ for a good pc, how much of their consumer base and profits would evaporate with that?

I get living in your little dream world where you can ignore people like me on the internet 24/7, but that doesn’t make your dreamland reality. You still going to ignore me btw? You’ve literally done so 100% of the time

Blaming Xbox with absolutely nothing to back it up, getting back on topic it doesn't solve the issue if you change the scaling in the user config file for me, it's likely an issue that we'll have to wait to get a resolution for but how high on the priority list it currently is anyone's guess.