PSO2 fashion textures in NGS are super-low res

Any PSo2 fashion textures I see in NGS are incredibly low res. Way lower than it should be, just a mess of blurry pixels really.

When I go back into PSO2, they look fine.

Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere? How do I fix this?

Here is an example. Super low res PSO2 textures on the left, NGS on the right. lowres.PNG

But if I go into old PSO2 they look fine.. Even more strange, if I wear the texture MYSELF, it looks fine in NGS. But everyone else wearing PSO2 fashion looks like low res blocky mess to me in NGS.





Is anyone else experiencing this?



Texture is fine going back into pso2, Sega really needs to fix a ton of stuff. 😕

@Vashzaron said in PSO2 fashion textures in NGS are super-low res: Try this, not a long term solution even if it works as I hope they just fix it.

Ahh! So it's not just me!

Thanks for the heads up!

Nope, I have to login to PSO2 first just so I don't have to deal with the texture issues at all.

The issue there is surviving the trip back and forth without a disconnect error. XD