No PSO2 Day buff? Bug?

I have premium and I checked on both NGS and base PSO2 and I don't see any active buff pertaining to PSO2 day (when it was always visible in Character Info on base PSO2). What gives? I mean sure the buffs don't really do much anyway but the rare drop on NGS would have been nice. Based on what SEGA said it should have been active since like 8 hours ago but... nada. cfaf1c3f-7c30-42d9-a47e-c4d53b132e52-image.png


A bunch of folks have been reporting the same issue but we've had no official word (to my knowledge) as to whether he buff is active or not.

Would be nice if an official party could tell us what's going on, many of us don't know whether to grind now or later.