Minor Suggestions for NGS and Premium, etc.

First, the addition of drop storage in NGS is amazing, and I personally love it as well as other minor additions for QoL!! 😄 I like this game and have been playing for a long while, so I wanted to add some suggestions, mostly for the premium package or maybe you can also add some of the ideas to F2P or so. There will not be any specific order of suggestions on this topic, but I will try to keep it short and simple.

As for NGS, with the content we have right now; it's better than nothing, and I appreciate the hard work from the dev team of PSO2... However, some minor things (maybe there are already ways for these, or not, but here is a list...)

  • Ability/Option to Hide all Mags
  • Ability/Option to bring the camera back farther? I noticed in some battles against bosses, the battle camera automatically goes back for better FOV, and sometimes I want it to stay like that...
  • Ability to create alternate saved markers/spots on the world map (kind of like Valheim's map marker feature) - MAYBE CAN BE A PREMIUM-USER feature
  • Progression and more for the new add-on abilities to units/weapons like Fixa, etc. if those items can increase randomness per rarity... Example: Rarity 1 to 4 star has only 1 random add-on ability attribute, rarity 5 - 6 has 2, rarity 7 to 9 has 3, etc. It would add more to the end-game grind, and would bring excitement to loot farmers XD. Other ideas for stat increase could be; attack speed, movement speed, rare drop boost, exp boost, etc.
  • Food dishes that increase the amount of harvest? (Could also add a PREMIUM feature, where premium users get +1 more)
  • We have a few Emergency trials, but more variety would be nice like; maybe some trials where the player has to escort a wounded soldier to one of those empty houses around the current map, a player must survive randomly shot lasers from the sky for 1 minute, a rare veteran variant trial, meseta king? (maybe drops like 10k meseta upon defeat within 1-3 minutes, the smaller meseta soldiers drop n-grinders or something), wave trials? where the player has to fight 100 monsters that have increased stats, a random trial like defeating a certain colored-type monster in a spawn of 5-20 where players have 1-3min to defeat that blue or green fashionable rappy and upon completion players can get an n-color-change-pass, etc. I can think of more, but those are a few
  • Add coordinates to the big/navigation world map! The smaller map has coords (like A1, ... N#), but the bigger map does not...
  • Not sure, but the ability to check the market price of items from inventory? Like weapons, units, etc.
  • Monsters should not be able to target a player that is within a certain radius of a Ryuker Device (teleporter)!
  • Custom chats? This could be a PREMIUM feature! Like the ability to create up to 10 custom chats, like I can see party and ally chat in one chat tab/window
  • A feature/ability to SWITCH CHARACTERS without logging out of the ship, if that's possible, please...
  • Aside from PSE Bursts, I miss Cross-bursts :<
  • This one is very minor: The ability to block specific symbol arts? This is kind of hard, but just like a player block list, maybe there can be a user_symbol_art_block_list filter? I like symbol arts, but sometimes they are a bit too much, but it does not bother me personally at all! Like some people can go to history and delete them, but also be able to "block" them! You can use the block to add to the user's SA list. The ID of that symbol art will be stored in a block list, and the user can reset/clear the list or unblock those SA by choice.

For these certain features, I honestly don't see a good reason why these features are so limited in #...

the # of Symbol Arts saved

the # of fashion Ensembles saved

the # of accessory points

the # of stacked items in storage (probably not that big of a deal, but I haven't found specific items yet)

Why can't the current numbers of each be upped a bit for NGS? I do not see any issues with increasing numbers, as the above-mentioned does not offer any advantages from premium vs non-premium. Sometimes I wanna make more symbol arts and stuff or save some gold ones; yes we can export and import, but why is it not easy to increase the count. This is a similar case for the other features as well.

current ratio: is mostly 10/40, non-prem vs. prem, but even with 4x, I personally feel it's too low 😞

New Suggestions:

  • Symbol Art Save Slots, non-prem: 20
  • Symbol Art Save Slots, w/premium: 100 (players can use chat commands anyways like: /sa100 )

  • Fashion Ensembles Save Slots, non-prem: 10
  • Fashion Ensembles Slots, w/premium: 100 (40 is too little, imo XD"...)

  • Accessory points, non-prem: 18
  • Accessory points, w/premium: 23 (more fun)

  • Stackable Items, non-prem: 99
  • Stackable Items, w/premium: 999

In addition, since premium users don't get any exp or rdr or triboost in NGS, maybe premium users can get +5% or +10% in adding augments, idk.

Or premium users can have the ability to use an alliance storage in NGS (separate from base pso2) - of course this could be a work-around to trading, but the players must have premium and be in the same alliance to access this storage. This could be enticing for players to get premium as well and make friends, which increases player retention.

Thank you a bunch Sega and PSO2 Dev team for bringing this game to life, and I wish for continued success and funding for years to come!

@Xaiyeon said in Minor Suggestions for NGS and Premium, etc.:

PREMIUM feature

So...i take it you pay for premium features? By the way, this is a rhetorical question.