First-time login rewards

Why are the NGS first-time login rewards different from what they were in base PSO2 if we can't receive them when having already ever logged into PSO2 before now? I lost my Flowen's Sword when I deleted my first character as I had created them on Ship 2, but could never play so remade them on ship 3...this was right after PSO2's original Win10 launch. I wondered why, after logging into NGS, I didn't get the rewards...only to find out I'm not the only one wondering about it, and other people pointing out that it's just longtime players getting screwed. I was so happy that I might at least be able to get the neiclaw camo again...but no. I've spent so much money on this game, and the original CBT camos (which can be had by turning in regular badges on the JP server...and are still available) are just forever unobtainable unless I delete my account and create a new one. Why is it like this? Why am I, and other players, being punished for having the temerity to be a regular player for over a year now?

is simply because we already got those rewards, they are made for new players and old players got then when they were new players so there's no reason to get more of these when we already got then and I personally prefer to not get another copy of the same camos I already own, also sorry for you for having lose those but you are the one that deleted that character when there's a warning saying that you will lose everything in that character.

I know...but getting a second copy of an untradable thing would literally hurt no one. If you got another copy you didn't could just sell it for a pittance to the shop (maybe 10 meseta) or trash it. As for the first character...I didn't even realize I had already received the camos until I went to check my rewards after reading about them and not getting them. I didn't realize exactly how the campaign thing even worked when I first started playing. At this point, why not just add the camos to the old exchange shop for RWB5s? Since they aren't tradable anyway, it's not like it would affect the market in any way.