Reusing old emotes for NGS mobility animations

As the title suggests, a lot of old emotes could have a fun use as either dash or glide animations (hopefully ones people can easily get, unlike the Hover Dash).

So far there are two emotes that I have that might work well for mobility options:

A pose from Drift in Space for a glide animation 5ddc12fe-d4be-450c-a035-644a9c441311-image.png

The male side of On All Fours for a dash animation All 4s Dash.png

If anyone else has ideas of converting old emotes to NGS mobility animations, feel free to list them here.

We need on all fours dash

I'm sure Sega agrees, they'll be sure to make you rebuy them in new motion form ticket.

I mean both the Rappy idle and glide are from old POS2 emotes.

I’m sure Sega has them in the works, they banked a lot on NGS’s new engine to cash in on it. ;3

It would be a nice addition for the eventual base PSO2 sunset preparation SEGA would have to do in 5-10 years if investors get antsy for NGS focused content releases.

(Otherwise known as company moving it to a private server manager and no longer funding the project.)

But for now, I'm on the meme bandwagon that they'll probably just charge you for it. (Hopefully just SG.)