Please give us one-click reporting for RMT

Less clicks and no typing, before the bots teleport away, for both chat messages and symbol arts, without having to go find the bot.

RMT spamming has been a problem in NA for as long as I know, with ineffective measures if any. If you really just want RMT in your game but can't say it out loud, I think the least you could do is give us one-click reporting that alto automatically block that user account, so we can have some resemblance of service quality in the game while keep up the charade.

Your (in)actions have told us you don't really care about the RMT spam in your game. But at least make our lives easier since many of us are actually paying customers. Please. It's not much to ask.

i was trying so hard to block bots these days , but it was such a drag and there are so many that i eventually just gave up

You know, considering how many people claim they see these bots and considering the fact i have seen only a few, i wonder if they are the same characters (and/or account? i don't know if blocking blocks the account or only that single character) i blocked a long time ago in PSO2. With the chat encompassing the entire map, it's not like i could miss it.

Edit: turns out they almost exclusively use SA. Since mine are turned off, i guess that explains it.

I've definitely blocked more than 5, more like 7-8, but I'm at work and can't get on my account to check. And I have countless old RMT bot accounts blocked from when PSO2 first came out on Steam. So there's a lot of them.

At the moment there are two types, those that spam a couple of times then move to the next block, and those that hide away and just keep on spamming.

I’ve heard of ppl maxing out their blocklist trying to block them all. XD

One click report would be appreciated - none of the options fit, so always have to type in why I'm reporting

@Pariah-Chan said in Please give us one-click reporting for RMT:

I’ve heard of ppl maxing out their blocklist trying to block them all. XD

In base I had to clear my blocklist a few times because there was no room for adding more. And it looks its going to be same in NGS as well...Sigh!

I would like to add my support to this one-click idea as well. Blocking people is a process that takes just a little bit too much time and effort when it seems like you have to do it every time you go back to Central City. It works, it could just work better.