ngs and fashion problems

so we are no going to ever get all the fashion items we miss from base or the 5 screeches we miss from ngs?

I just want access to all the CAST head parts I used on my CAST. Now that my main can be the CAST it should have been from the start, I want to use them.

Was datamined that we are. That said no one knows when we're getting them.

zeke from what i get this items are in game but we just dont get them.

@samsaralotus said in ngs and fashion problems:

zeke from what i get this items are in game but we just dont get them.

They were translated to english. To give an example in pso2 there were plenty of dataminef scratches, but all in japanese on the global version. Those that were in english we ended up getting. The ones datamined for NGS were all in english. If its anything like pso2 we'll get them.

It seems all new stuff will be NGS and none of my current stuff, including my Beast Face, are converted to NGS. That means none of the future items added will interest me and my character will be unchanged from here on since it's all unuseable, even simple things like eyes, eyebrows, etc. Sounds like monetization kamikaze to me. Because they did a poll for which items should be remade first, 3 for each gender. Those aren't finished yet and probably wont be any time soon. I feel like converting everything based on that already will take 10+ years and most likely isn't happening. Unless they start some serious hiring and/or outsourcing for just that.

@Zeke problem is we need them now and not in a year.

@Wolfdoggie ye it's a big problem. I don't get why it is even. Just get some moders that will do it. Why can't we use eyes I don't get.