Other Sega Games You'd Like to See

How about some 'The House of the Dead?'


Also would love to see some Shining Force stuff from Shining Force I, II and III.


I'd like to see Phantasy Star NOVA either officially translated or ported to other platforms. Phantasy_Star_Nova_cover.jpg

@PennilessImp749 oh god man, i had the normal (with that DAMN INACCURATE GUN) and i had the typing of the dead 😵

I would love to see Golden Axe made into a ARPG. I would like to see a updated Altered Beast done God of War style.

Phantasy Star Nova on the Nintendo Switch.

Crazy Taxi is one of my favorite games of all time. I would love to see a new one. I'm still wondering why they released CT on every plattform, but not CT 2 and 3. I would even be happy to buy an Crazy Taxi trilogy collection with slightly upgraded graphics. But I guess there is no market for arcade games like this anymore.