Impossible to grind further? (lvl 15)

So right now I'm in a difficult situation with my character.

I've reached level 15 and my battle power is 1101. I can go to the final quest, however, Nex Aelio is impossible to defeat. I simply can't kill it at the second phase and I had to abandon the quest completely.

However, it is also impossible to get any stronger, because I can't go to any areas to grind. The factory ruins have only level 10 enemies which now give me 1 XP each and as far as I know, until the final quest is completed there is no way to select the "rank 2" (level 15) areas.

In other words, I can't grind to reach higher levels and get stronger, but with my current setup it's impossible to kill Nex Aelio because he insta-kills my character during the second stage of the fight. I can use only one Half-scape Doll, even though I have several in my inventory. Can it be that the only way forward would be to actually throw money at the game, buying Half-scape Dolls with AC at every death until Nex Aelio is finally killed? What if I'm killed dozens of times? I don't have that much money.

Any tips on how to overcome this situation would be welcome.

@dreampage I've seen level 15 monsters in parts of central aleo but I ran away because I'm still too weak to take them on and you can always replay the cocoons that you cleared, no sp for do overs but still good exp

  1. Go and do all the cocoons and towers. You can still do them with low bp. Once you're finished, apply all of the skill points to both your main/sub classes (make sure you read what the skills do)
  2. Enhance your armor and weapons. You're a level 15 so you can get either a 3 or 4* weapon for cheap at the personal shop. There's a guide where to find all of the red boxes which give n-meseta, sg and three 4* armors for free here:
  3. Affix your gear with proper affixes for your class.
  4. Nex Aelio and all dolls glow before doing AOE's or other Powerful attacks. Learn how to dodge them and get out of the way.

Hope that helps.

@Kelade Thanks. I already have all the cocoons done and I have 4* armor in all slots, upgraded as much as I currently could. I don't have any Meseta to buy anything else right now, however. Hopefully I can get more with this week's daily and weekly tasks. I have already opened most red boxes.

I guess it's not possible to team up with others for story missions? Will I be stuck in the game forever, not being able to complete Nex Aelio?

Also, the Personal Shop is completely empty, there is nothing in it, no matter what I search for.

Never mind, after many attempts I managed to finish the quest. It was bloody hard, though. 🙂 Not it feels like a lot of things have opened up in the game. On to level 20 now I guess.

@dreampage said in Impossible to grind further? (lvl 15):

Also, the Personal Shop is completely empty, there is nothing in it, no matter what I search for.

The shop is bugged currently, none of the categories work. You will have to search them by their names (or exact names) or randomly surf

also to level up do the dailies every day. that will level you up and collect crap items to use as enhance fodder for your good items and armor. keep doing that and you will get your BP up in no time. and be sure to mine a LOT so you can enhance, limit break, and add potential to your items.