[Ship 3 - Thorn] Huge AC Scratch Sale 100+ Liquidation or Trade

Hello everyone :3

I am currently liquidating my huge inventory. I have spent quite some time collecting these items and I don't really have time to check all of the prices one by one but I am open to any offers and for items I am looking or potentially may want. So please let me know or add my Discord Puddin#1940

I will try to update list as much as possible, I still have a lot to add including outfits, male outfits, etc. but due to time and my fingers hurting ... I will have to add that later. Just message me if you're interested in outfits for either body type.

For price, it's going to be varied. Multiple Purchased will create bigger discount for buyer. I will try to keep it close to market price as possible but since I have so much I am willing to accept lower offers just DON'T SCAM ME OR LOW BALL ME TOO HARD PLS

In Searching For:

  • Drifting In Space Emote
  • Sit 6 Emote
  • Twin Daggers Pose Emote
  • Alma Ball Emote
  • Totsuka-No-Tsurugi Weapon Camo
  • Teufel Nonne
  • Teufel Nonne Hood Hairstyle
  • Twinkling Star Accesory

I will categorize each item by type: (Please don't mind the huge list)

UPDATED: 10:21PM 7/5/2021

Consumables: (Accessories, Hairstyles)
1x Photon Halo B
1x Photon Halo C
1x Gothic Hood
1x Black Rose Sold @ 30,000,000 Meseta
1x Nozze Tiara
2x Panis Wings
1x Barkpack: White
1x Barkpack: Brown Sold @ 89,000,000 Meseta
1x Barkpack: Pink
1 x Aqua Raiment Sold @ 141,900,000 & 60,000,000 Meseta
2x Kitsune Tails B
1x Sorcerous Circle: Red Sold @ 296,090,500 Meseta
1x Sorcerous Circle: Purple Sold @ 500,000,000 Meseta

2x Avian Crown
1x Marion Hat
1x Elegant Fedora: Brown
1x Philinne Hat
1x Elizabeth Hat
1x Shark Head Sold @ 90,000,000 Meseta
1x Joker Glasses
1x Joker Mask Sold @ 94,000,000 Meseta
1x Spiked Leather Mask B
1x Mask of Excellence
1x Lotus Buns: (Red & Blue 1x of each)
1x Colored Side Extensions: Purple
1x Effector Headgear
2x Long Ribbon B
1x Holy Folding Fan
1x Kirika Butterfly: Cherry Blossom
1x Occultic Vixen Ribbon
1x Occultic Horns
1x Double Ponytail Wig (S)
1x Charis Crown
1x Dressia Ribbon
1x Two Tailed Scarf 25,000,000 Meseta
2x Crepe Silk Stole: Red
1x Crepe Silk Stole: Green
1x Effector Tie
2x Yukari Takeba Ribbon
1x Aigis Ribbon
1x YunYun Necktie
1x Plate Wings: Green
1x Aile Wings
4x Genshou Ribbon: White
2x Genshou Ribbon: Red
1x Vampiric Wing Cape: Black
1x Flared Pareo B Sold @ 100,001,000 Meseta
1x Ornamental Rapier
1x Ornamental Rapier B
1x Marie's Belt
2x Kitsune Tails: Black
1x Panis Semi-Long Hair Traded
1x Kagamine Rin Hair Traded
1x Joker Hair Sold @ 160,000,000 Meseta
1x Darkness Hair
1x Megurine Luka Hair Traded
1x Selviaria Long Hair
1x Student Style Hair
1x Hatsune Miku Hair 2
1x Yuma Short Hair Sold @ 15,000,000 Meseta
1x Solitary Helmet
1x Al Short Hair Sold @ 17,000,000 Meseta
1x Kannagi Hairstyle Sold @ 10,000,000 Meseta
2x Ann Takamaki Hair
1x Tigerblade Hairstyle
1x Dragnica Crest Sold @ 61,999,996 Meseta
1x Inward Curl Long Hair 16,999,999 Meseta
1x Makoto Yuki Hair
2x Aigis Hair 2
1x Kai Schulen Hair 1 Traded
1x Marie Short Hair
1x Yunyun Hair
1x Megumin Hair Sold @ 70,000,000 Meseta
1x Darkness Hair Traded
1x Cafuu Hair
1x Phantom Q Makeup
1x Sukunahime Makeup
2x Occultic Third Eye
2x Lower Highlights (L)
1x Lower Highlights (S)
1xAnime Highlights Eyes (L)
1xBloodshot Eyes (XS)
1x Anime Eyes B (S)
1x No Highlights C (L)
1x Lower Highlights B (L)
1x Tearful Anime Eyes (L)
1x Concentric Eyes B (S)
2x Anime Eyes E (S)
1x Psychedelic Eyes (L)
2x Psychedelic Eyes (S)
1x Yin-Yang Eyes (S)
2x Ribbon Socks & Gloves: White
1x Ribbon Socks & Gloves: Black
2x Trillium Tights
1x Riley's Tights
1x Enma Socks

Base Wear:
2x Trillium Marie: Snow [Ba]
2x Flared Skirt [Ba]
1x Flared Skirt: Sky [Ba]
2xDenim Shorts: Snow [Ba]
2x Demin Shorts: Sky [Ba]
1x Capri Pants F [Ba]
1x Capri Pants F : Sky [Ba]
1x Ruckage Vest [Ba]
1x Lafinne Atrice [Ba]
1x Shrine Garb: Night [Ba]
2x Shrine Garb: Shadow [Ba]
1x Shrine Garb: Sakura [Ba]
2xMicro Mini Shorts [Ba]
1x Micro Mini Shorts: Sea [Ba]
1x Micro Mini Shorts: Grace [Ba]
1x Exotic MonoKini [Ba]
1x Exotic Monokini: Ruby [Ba]
1x Exotic Monokini Snow [Ba]
7x High Neck Bikini [Ba]
1x High Neck Bikini: Sakura [Ba]
1x Outlandish Bikini: Shadow [Ba]
2x Outlandish Bikini/F [Ba]
2x Charming Flora [Ba]
3x Charming Flora: Sakura [Ba]
2x Charming Flora: Shadow [Ba]
1x Makoto's Academy Uniform [Ba]
1x Heart Effector: Sea [Ba]
1x Heart Effector: Sun [Ba]
1x Heart Effector: Shadow [Ba]
1x Cathedral Formal F: Snow [Ba]
1x Cathedral Mini F [Ba]
1x Cathedral Mini F: Grace [Ba]
1x Marine Clan: Ruby [Ba]
1x Marine Clan: Snow [Ba]
1x Raqasa Shamir: Ruby [Ba]
1x Raqasa Shamir: Sea [Ba]
1x Raqasa Shamir: Shadow [Ba]
1x Soaring Silks: Shadow [Ba]
1x Dual China [Ba]
1x Shrine Garb: Enigma [Ba]
1x Aile Aetos: Snow [Ba]
1x Aile Aetos: Shadow [Ba]
1x Aile Aetos: Grace [Ba]
1x Layered Tank Top: Shadow [Ba]
1x Layered Tank Top: Sky [Ba]
2x Layered Tank Top: Ruby [Ba]
2x Dragnier Flower: Snow [Ba]
3x Dragnier Flower: Shadow [Ba]
1x Femme Armeure: Ruby [Ba]
1x Femme Armeure: Snow [Ba]
1x Damaged Jeans [Ba]
1x Damaged Jeans: Ruby [Ba]
1x Ranger Vento: Shadow [Ba]
1x Aigis Replica B [Ba]
2x Yukari Takeba's Uniform [Ba] (1) Sold @ 19,000,000 Meseta
1x Yukari Takeba's Uniform: Snow [Ba]
2x Yukari Takeba's Uniform: Shdw [Ba] (1) Sold @ 9,999,999 Meseta
1x Mitsuru Kirijo's Uniform [Ba]
1x Winged Elegance: Shadow [Ba]
1x Riley Replica: Shadow [Ba]
1x Kai Schulen Replica: Hazel [Ba]
2x Marie's Clothes [Ba]
1x Marie's Clothes: Sea [Ba]
2x Occultic Vixen [Ba]
2x Occultic Vixen: Leaf [Ba]
3x Occultic Vixen: Sakura [Ba]
1x Occultic Vixen: Snow [Ba]
1x Gothic-Looking Dress: Shadow [Ba]
1x Gothic-Looking Dress: Hazel [Ba]
2x Arcano Delier [Ba]
1x Arcano Delier: Ruby [Ba]
2x Arcano Delier: Shadow [Ba]
1x Arcano Delier: Sun [Ba]
1x Besante Ratsel [Ba]
1x Besante Ratsel: Snow [Ba]
1x Flower Season Cafuu [Ba]
1x Flower Season Cafuu: Shadow [Ba]
2x Flower Season CAfuu: Moon [Ba]
2x Flower Season Cafuu: Leaf [Ba]

2x Royal Remnants: Shadow [In]
1x Fancy 1: Shadow [In]
2x Monumental Agent [In]
1x Monumental Agent: Shadow [In]
2x Dressia Oath [In]
1x Dressia Oath: Shadow [In]
1x Dressia Oath: Sky [In]
1x Trillium Marie [In]
1x Flower 1 [In]
1x Flower 1: Sky [In]
1x Large Stripes 1: Moon [In]
2x Cute 1: Snow [In]
1x Ruckage Vest [In]
2x Ruckage Vest: Night [In]
1x Silicone 1 [In]
1x Silicone 1: Sakura [In]
1x Charming Flora [In]
3x Lafinne Atrice [In]
1x Lafinne Atrice: Sky [In]
5x Lafinne Atrice: Snow [In]
1x Shrine Garb [In]
1x Shrine Garb: Sea [In]
1x Shrine Garb: Snow [In]
1x Shrine Garb: Shadow [In]
1x Heart Effector: Ruby [In]
1x Marine Clan: Ruby [In]
1x Marine Clan: Snow [In]
1x Soaring Silks [In]
5x Soaring Silks: Sky [In]
1x Soaring Silk: Ruby [In]
4x Soaring Silk: Sakura [In]
2x Soaring Silks: Snow [In]
2x Soaring Silks: Shadows [In]
2x Aile Aetos: Snow [In]
1x Aile Aetos: Sakura [In]
1x Aile Aetos: Ruby [In]
1x Aile Aetos: Grace [In]
1x Smith Salopettes [In]
1x Dancer Bikini: Night [In]
1x Winged Elegance [In]
1x Winged Elegance: Sakura [In]
2x Nozze Fiore" Sakura [In]
1x Occultic Vixen: Ruby [In]
1x Occultic Vixen: Sakura [In]
1x Occultic Vixen: Shadow [In]

1x 278 Persona 5 Sold @ 50,000,000 Meseta
1x 357 Rock On Sold @ 38,000,000 Meseta
2x 539 Kick 3 Sold @ 31,000,000 Meseta

1x 510 Konosuba 1
2x 416 Persona 5 Dance 1 SALE PENDING
2x 417 Persona 5 Dance 2
2x 415 Persona 3 Dance 3 Sold @ 109,000,000 & 89,000,000 Meseta
1x 414 Persona 3 Dance 2 Sold @ 100,000,000 Meseta
2x 413 Persona 3 Dance 1 Sold @ 100,000,000 & 133,000,000 Meseta
1x 426 Wedding Pose Sold @ 250,000,000 Meseta
1x 391 Rapper Sold @ 100,000,000 Meseta
1x 366 Ready Spellbook
1x 15 Peek Sold @ 50,000,000 Meseta

@PuddinPop Do you have chocolat Felice shadow [ba] ? That the one item I been looking for and I can’t find

@Kanna-UwU I do not actually. I'm Sorry. If there anything else you need please let me know.

Updated! Still Taking Offers! Please help me get rid of my items 😞

hey sent a pm/friend request on discord, if you're still keen on the Twin Daggers Pose.

If you're using the other discord ID in your ARKs ID do let me know then we can communicate from there