Not able to download from MS Store

I was looking to transfer my characters over to Steam, and it appears I have to install the MS Store version in order to get the code in order to do so. I was able install the steam version and start it without issue. I Attempted to download the MS store version, but instant get this error after selecting the drive to install it too. 3a6f54c2-8604-49f4-9900-4806f7052bad-image.png I was able to install Phantom Dust from the MS Store, but I still get this error for PSO2. I also uninstalled the steam version, same thing. I also tried some various suggestions for the issue that happened with the game during the launch last year, still the same error. If anyone has suggestions on how to correct this, or if there is an alternate to transfer my save to Steam, I would appreciate any assistance.

Found the fix

Go to the below and delete both keys and reboot. Fixed my issue.