About RMTads on the top of the tower

More and more Realmoneytrader's ads acc spamming the channel by Symbol Art , And they on the top of the tower , mean people harder to report them or block them for get spamming because the "nearby Characters" system not close enough to "near" them , so we still got spamming and cant report or block them

Please do something

RMT tower.jpg

Yea, this is becoming incredibly annoying. First they hide behind crates, than behind buildings, now they are climbing towers. I was "lucky" and was able to screenshot two; One at the top of the tower in Central City and one by the ryuker device.

I found that you can access them in nearby characters from the command room.

They need to make the range of the Nearby Characters search the same range as chat, so people can report spam those irritating bots, with out having to hunt them down.

So turning off symbol art since that's their main source of advertising. Granted mine was always off because of the heinous use of loli/shota hentai on ship 2.

This game might as well be the Wild West of MMOs, complete with snake oil salesmen. XD