NGS - Augment: Legaro S Appender, Not Working

For those using weapons from base PSO2, one of your augments might have been converted into Legaro S Appender. The description for it in NGS reads:

"After landing a hit with a PA or Technique, deal +50% PA/Technique damage for the next 5 seconds".

However, I don't see any damage increase when using my PAs. To confirm this I fought the Pettas Sword in the Cocoon mission and kept track of the damage through about 10 attempts.

I went in as a ranger using a launcher with said augment and used the PA Fallen Impact since the damage is easy to keep track of.

All damage to the back unit hit for about 74-77 damage. With the augment active my damage should of increased to about 111-115, though it never did.

After the back unit broke Fallen Impact would hit for about 63-66 and with the augment should have increased to about 94-99, but did not.

There is no damage increase. The way it works is by tracking the damage you do for 5 seconds then on your next attack deals an extra hit for up to 50% of the damage tracked. Its the way it works in base PSO2. This is likely a bad translation of the effect