Cheaters using mods to find minerals and rare boxes

Honestly, the ui system is decent... but, reminds me of ESO to the point seem very bare bones and fan made addons/mods would expand the functionality of the game greatly.

Resource node tracker, Dressing Room (preview and save looks before making the change at a salon station), Easy Mat & Crafter (tracks and organizes mats) are just simple addons there that would change the game drastically for the better and easier functionality.

Some MMO have rescore node tracking abilities built in. This is not really different from that, and theres no competition with these nodes. Everyone is given their own nodes to break, and dont have to compete with others for them. Its really something Sega should put in themselves, and they already have ways of marking nodes whenever you got the daily for them.

Make gathering node detection a Mag capability that shows the nodes on the mini-map for the Premium Set.

You can and are allowed to use mods as long as they do not read data such as respawn timers, damage meters. The use of mods that give you a playful advantage is also prohibited. (Increase the damage of your guns) If someone uses a mod that shows him where a box is, he can do this. It doesn't give him any advantage over other players. He doesn't kill enemies faster or anything with it. He just makes it easier to find the boxes.

@kztm I really expected this feature to have been working with the Red boxes and minerals.