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I recall there was a discussion earlier about the Japanese version of the game having a collaboration of some sort teased before the launch of New Genesis and it was available on YouTube for viewing. This isn't intended to start any debates or any purist Japanese-only or Global-only discussions but rather just me wanting to share something from the Japanese side that I feel global players can enjoy and see.

That's a really cool ad, thanks for sharing it, I don't really understand it because I don't know any Japanese though but it's a really fun ad nonetheless. I've never heard of Zutomayo, do they do anything outside of Japan?

@Brittany_Rose_C I only recall that they were brought up in a survey Sega conducted regarding asking its Japanese audience on what sort of genre/style of music they would be interested in seeing Phantasy Star Online 2 (and New Genesis) represented with. I recall it ranging from several very big pop names and it seems that them settling on ZUTOMAYO was them settling on collaborating with a relatively big and popular rock group. Unfortunately I do not know much more about them to say much more.

@VanillaLucia I see. I feel like I remember a survey after or before the global beta where they asked global players about this sort of stuff too. Maybe there's something in the works for global as well? Hard to say.

Who knows if we're lucky maybe we'll get a Lil Nas X concert like Roblox did! That'd be something 🙂

I'm just playing the wait and see game. I'm playing when I can, because of this heat wave hitting most of the US, and getting my daily log ins. But otherwise I'm just enjoying the game. Not too worried about what's around the corner, because that hasn't happened yet. If the event is cool, points to SEGA, if not, I'm sure there will be hate posts in the forums. There always are, lol.

Edit: In contrast with that last part, and in all seriousness, I'm sure SEGA has some interesting plans ahead. Just waiting to see them.