The AC item reselling in Market problem

GW 2 uses a tax for listing and tax after selling so it totals 10-15% you lose on every item. You do not get back your listing fee if you take it out to change price.

Someone bought up the *eternal Dimanche weapon camo I was saving up to buy. There were tons 90-150k literally yesterday, now there’s 2 at 600k a pop on ship 2 at least

I wasn’t for anything drastic before now but Sega needs to go beyond a fix and just start taking retroactive measures against this, somehow keeping the items intact (maybe they put the removed items up for sale from a Dev account where the wealth won’t ever be needed/used). There’s absolutely no way for me as a now free player to afford literally anything because people are being far beyond greedy. The wealth inequality is already at the point it was immediately pre Cradle and the game’s a whole month old (and before it’s brought up I spent hundreds on the base game, I’m not ever spending a dime on this game until Sega stops with the abhorrent flat out cash grabs they’ve been going for with NGS)

There should be a purchase limit to 3 items for consumables and 2 for things like camos (I used to help new friends get some stuff when they started on the base game and that should still be possible). Anything beyond that should either just not be allowed outright or notify Sega automatically, and if it’s still purposefully abused in some way should result in all wealth and AC items being taken off of the account (and or a temp/perm ban)

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Sega needs to go beyond a fix and just start taking retroactive measures against this

Retroactively... what? I don't think that word means what you think it means... I think you meant to say preventative measures.

That's what we've been discussing here with the need for listing taxes and durations. It's also why a few have suggested getting away from this "ticket" system they currently have to allow for reselling of old fashion to make a comeback - meanwhile others have argued the exact opposite and want everything bind on purchase.

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should result in all wealth and AC items being taken off of the account (and or a temp/perm ban)

That's right! Other people were faster at clicking "buy" than me, because they actually had the money on hand, which kept me from buying a limited availability item that was reasonably or underpriced before I could! The only logical course of actions is to ban them! /s

Listen to what you just suggested they do. You want them to ban people... for buying things off the market. Maybe you did mean "retroactively" at the start of your post... so I gather you want to ban people for breaking rules that Sega may implement in the future...?

My head hurts. The absolute sense of entitlement out of some people and lack of reason. It's too much.

Sega... this is what you get when you make dress up Barbie the focal point of your content deprived, joke of a game you pushed down all our throats. You deserve this on so many levels.

So we gone from 2mil being a greedy bastard to now 600k. Soon the minimal sale price of 500k on featured items will mean you're a greedy bastard.

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@PBJ-Time you are literally complaining about items being sold at 600k and calling people beyond greedy for pricing thing for more than you can afford. The 2m is from others that have expressed things shouldn't be priced at weeks worth of weekly quests. I don't think just because you can type huge walls of text filled with profanity and slurs is going to convince much people.


Yes, people had the money on hand when the items were priced under 100k. The fact that so many sold is literally proof enough that they were either underpriced or reasonable in the eyes of other players or else they'd have never sold. If only 2 are on market then that means we don't likely have a cast of scalping going on here - so you can't even cry foul in that regard. Those listed at 600k are just where supply outsripped demand.

I didn't need to piece out your arguments (if you can call these rants of yours an arguments) to invalidate them, you do that well enough on your own. You rant was literally over a 600k price tag being "overpriced" and admitting that you didn't have the cash on hand when it was cheaper discredits your argument that there was a problem here at all on it's own. Your creditably annihilated by your suggestion that a possible solution is for Sega take items and money away from other players to then relist them on the market themselves so you can have a chance to buy them. Oh and your colorful language doesn't help your case either.

Can you not see the literal selfish entitlement seething from your own words?

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I’m not able to post a long reply right now but I just wanted to say wow. Guess what, even as a player that buys AC I don’t get to have the best deals, either. I went to buy a red lipgloss for 100k, they all sold except one left for 500k. I have two choices as a buyer; take it or leave it. I don’t want to buy a lipgloss for 500k so I choose to wait for a better price or go without. We as buyers and sellers have that right to decide.

There’s better ways to come up with solutions than to cry about it, it’s really not the end of the world.

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Don’t care

I thought you didn’t care?