The frame stutter seems to be getting worse...

If you're like me, you've noticed frame stuttering when traveling from place to place. Fighting a boss it never happens, only when running around the areas. It was tolerable at first and always seemed to even out after you played long enough, but dang today it was worse than ever. Like my game nearly locked up by just running in central aelio. It's gotta be some sort of rendering issue. Segac really needs to fix this.

Find it more prevelant in rain conditions. They just have some effect optimizations to do yet. The Pettas skill killing framerate is hopefully just the beginning.

Yah it was raining in game, had a feeling that was why it was so much worse.

How are your graphics settings looking? After putting up with the same issues i started to mess around with them for a bit and turning cloud detail down and reflections off got rid of most stutters across the board.

Game told me I could handle Ultra, but I set clouds down to 2 and shadows down to 4. Motion blur is off too and I think everything else is stock Ultra. Might fiddle with things later on, but some people report nothing works.