[Feedback] Chat Settings and Display Options for Chat

It's beyond me how in 2021 we're still stuck with a Chat Window that only allows us to select from a few Display Options, while blocking out everything else unless we go for "Display all" I've already given my Feedback on this a Year ago, so i'll do it again, in hopes of NGS adopting, because right now, too much stuff feels outdated in NGS.

Add Chat Windows Options, simply add a checkmark option, which Chats we want to have Displayed.

  • X Display all
  • X Area
  • ✓ Party
  • ✓ Alliance
  • X Whisper
  • X Group
  • X Character
  • X System

it's really not that diffcult. On top of that i suggest giving the Option to have a second Chat Window Displayed, which where we can't chat inside, but rather to give us the option to have the same Checkmark system so that we can store messages.

I've been doing the same and even in CBT and they asked what we thought about and then proceed asking why I didn't like it. Even explained what I thought we would need. Like transparency and make tabs and such. But like they did with the Ores/Vegetable/fruits don't care and feel it's good as it is. Don't hope they will ever change it. They never did in all the time people complained in old PSO2 and they never will even in NGS.

Edit: I seriously feel that survey was basically pointless. They only wanted us to feel and say great things about it to make a spectacle of how good it is, while ignoring what we didn't like/felt should be improved/changed.