Please make alliance recruitment easier

It's very difficult as it currently stands to recruit new people to an alliance if the only option is to whisper them. I cannot see if they are online to get whispers and would prefer using the in-game mail system to contact players over a whisper.

You can also use ARKS search for the account name to recruit alliance members, just as long as you get the in-game mail from the new applicant if you are an officer of the alliance.

I made a solo "alliance" just so i could avoid getting invited by some random who didn't even check what i wrote on the ARKS ID. It took so long to make my own because i thought it was like the old "get 5 people to start a clan, then get rid of the others" arbitrary limitation. Really should have tested it sooner.

Anyway, you should use the scouting feature where intrested parties can contact you and quit bothering people with this crap.