[NGS] Character skin color is different for other players

Everyone sees my character skin color as milky white while I see it as a dark red. I was going for a demon aesthetic but because of the bug only I am able to see my characters red skin. I've tried a salon pass to change the color a bit but that still didnt work.

This is a bug due to base PSO2 outerwear/outfit slot equipment, If you want your char to appear the same to others you'll need to design your outfit around not having stuff in that slot, at least for the time being.

You should submit a ticket like others have been doing to draw attention to this issue. There are two other threads on the forum discussing this as well.

It's also been suggested that Skin Gloss (might) have something to do with it, so try turning it all the way down if you haven't already.

But as stated, submit a ticket. This needs to be fixed yesterday.

I can confirm this issue occurs even with base PSO2 face, body, and accessories, regardless of gloss. I am still waiting for SEGA to add this to their list of known bugs with the intent to remedy.

@Miss-Maxie So even having gloss at default (middle) didnt fix it? I havent been able to test anything since my alliance plays on a different timezone

@tute107 I don't use the NGS face at all, and I still bug out for other players.

Hmm, the NGS face shouldnt affect this, as I dont use the NGS face for now either. NGS bodies and faces are not affected at all by this bug. I'm going to need some help testing this later today if my alliance is not on


I can confirm gloss skin setting does not fix the outerwear bug. As others have already mentioned, as long as you have an old PSO2 body outfit or outerwear equipped, you can trigger this bug. However, I was not able to replicate the height increase or the muscled up appearance, only the pale skin change part of the bug.

Requipping the outfit will fix it as long as your character is in the same sector or field of view from other players. Teleporting away, either you or the other players, will trigger the bug. So for now its better to either not wear outfits/outers or continue to reequip when others point it out, until Sega decides to fix this.

As of the 6/22 maintenance, this still has not been acknowledged by the PSO2 Team as an ongoing bug. This should have been fixed a long time ago. I wonder if they are deliberately ignoring this issue so more players buy NGS content.

Hope SEGA takes a look at this and the other thread related to this bug. (Trying to get this bumped)

Alright, I finally received a response to my ticket. Response acknowledges the multiple reports about the outerwear bug and asks for time to resolve the issue. This is a step in the right direction and late response may be due to a backlog of bug reports.

Posted on all three threads on the same topic for awareness

@tute107 Same. Took a while, but at least it's something.

Where do you report bugs. My Skin color is very wrong