These may very well just client side issues, but I know a few others having it happen to them also so may as well throw them out there. Here's 4 problems that sprung up since last week's emergency maintenance that I have noticed.

1- Initial login loads are taking significantly longer.

  • It used to take seconds now it's taking 2-5+ minutes.
  • Every load after that goes as fast as ever.

2- Urgent quest warp tunnels will sometimes disconnect you.

  • I've had a handful kick me back to the initial queue area before, but these DCs are new.
  • I've only had this happen when in a party, never solo.

3- As a gunner, the same PA used to trigger chain will also end it.

  • Happens pretty regularly too.
  • No signs of lag at all, but it almost has to be connected to the next issue...

4- Resta flowers will sometimes be consumed x2 despite 1 keypress.

  • Happens much less frequently than #3, but I have a feeling it's the same cause.