A quick question?

So it's been a couple months since I've logged into PSO2 and after playing NG I decided to log into PSO2 classic. My character classes have all been reset back to 1 except Ranger, Gunner, and Braver. I'm missing all my endgame equipment and all my ac stuff. I tried to submit a ticket but as a steam user this site keeps logging me out when I try. What's going on? I'm trying to stay civil....

Is it possible you have chars on different ship, and just logged into the wrong one?

@shadonic-0 Nope, I only have two characters on ship 1. I'm just trying to figure out what happened.

mhm, have you always played on steam? or did you try to link accounts from different platforms at some point?

@shadonic-0 I had transferred my xbox one account over to steam a long time ago. It's weird because I still have my AC, meseta, and fun points.

yea, that sounds weird indeed. it's a first for me to hear that someone got a partial roll back on their character. but if your meseta, fun and bought AC are still there, that atleast means some info is still stored properly. your only real way to get this fixed is to contact the support, but if it keeps logging you out, i wonder what's wrong. i've tried it, just in case, but it seems to work for me with my steam account.

did you enter your e-mail adress when being asked to opt in? it's a requirement to reach the support page.

@shadonic-0 Ah thanks, I just submitted the ticket. I doubt they'll get back to me soon so I'll just be on the look out until then and not play.

No worries. I hope you they can fix your issues