Switched from a 2080 ti to a 3080 ti a few days ago, and I've been getting a weird crash: my GPU usage for NGS drops to 0, it stops rendering new frames, but the program itself stays active. I can tab out of it and back in, and it continues to use CPU. There are no error messages, flickering, lags or other signs of trouble, the GPU and NGS just part ways. It seems to happen more often when lots of other players are around. NGS is the only program giving me trouble. I use the Steam version.

Things I've done:

  • Torture tested the card in 3dmark Timespy and Furmark. Normal, does not crash or give errors.

  • Underclocked the card

  • Reduced the graphics details (such as minimum players displayed)

  • Verified and fully reinstalled

  • Tweaker Gameguard Fix

  • Maxed the fans

  • Rolled back the drivers (only to June , I can't go back farther than that, no support)

  • Removed my CPU/RAM overclock settings (previously stable in NGS, tried it anyway for thoroughness)

  • Enabled/Disabled Nvidia resizeable bar

  • Launched thru Tweaker

Nothing helped at all. Has anyone seen a crash like this? Is there any sort of error log I can use to further investigate the problem? I'm running out of ideas.