Sega really lied to us about legacy gear transfers.

It was a pretty big lie. The lie was unnecessary because making things that are available in NGS stronger than legacy is a no-brainer due to the lack of stuff to even do in NGS. The reason for the lie is rather nefarious, but the ones here defending it don't care either way.

Everything they said since NGS was announced until it was released was for the sake of digital sales. If they were transparent, less would have been inclined to spend on the late scratches that included augments for end-game affixing (more relevant to Global).

The whole narrative was the cohabitation of two healthy eco-systems so that it wouldn't be a "waste of time" to continue spending money on legacy PSO2. Calling them out on that lie is the right thing to do. Being OK with it is very dangerous behavior that aligns with cult-like mentality that shifts the market from being consumer-driven to being "be happy with what you get".

Actually, it wasn't a lie. There was a small, fine print disclaimer, that stated all of that was subject to change. Nobody ever pays any attention to those details, because people love to skim read, and not pay attention to every detail. It's plain laziness, and it's why companies can get you to sign away your rights with user agreements so easily.

@Anarchy-Marine as stated it was changed after they were caught in a lie. Putting subject to change doesn't mean jack if you don't communicate that change before your audience finds out the truth.

They still can’t be held liable for it.

@Pariah-Chan it's not about "liability" (digital games have to do something very illegal to be held "liable"), it is about accountability. Also kinda about people not lying to themselves/everyone else by saying it wasn't a lie.

@John-Paul-RAGE It is pretty easy to see that they baited people pretty hard with telling ups our transfer gear will be godly on day 1 and having that last minute perminant support sg and ac scratch added. To me it was way too late to be spending anything on that scratch, and it sucks for those that fell for it.

@Pariah-Chan They added "Subject to change" AFTER people started to question why it didnt happen, and that doesnt count as an honest answer. Even if the answer can be logically assumed, they should give the reasoning in their own words.

If anyone doesn’t have the original post that showed wat is was, sadly not much can be done. 😕

The real advantage of Legacy weapons is that you don't need to spend resouces to grind 1, 2 or 3* weapons or units for a character. You can grind up to 1184 BP and start farming 4* gear and have the N-Meseta and mats you would have spent on lesser rarities to upgrade those 4* items. I was pleased at Lvl 5 to be able to grab 12* Legacy gear and upgrade to 13-14* at Lvl 10. All I had to do was grind levels and earn SP to start really farming for NGS gear. At the same time some Legacy gear has strong potentials. The 15* Millionaire series potential gives +20% all down status.

@Pariah-Chan I believe i took a ss of it when they revealed the page, to show my alliance discord. it is like also something shown by one of our famous informative yootoobers in one of yheir vids prior to june 9. The internet never forgets.

@Kodiakmax This isnt a debate over the usefulness of transfer gear... its bringing to light something pretty major, espicially to anyone duped into prepping gear for transfer, not happening with no forewarning

@AngryRhombus563 said in Sega really lied to us about legacy gear transfers.:

@Pariah-Chan They added "Subject to change" AFTER people started to question why it didnt happen, and that doesnt count as an honest answer. Even if the answer can be logically assumed, they should give the reasoning in their own words.

False. "The subject to change without any prior notice" was in the original and already in red on the bottom of just about every info released all the way back in January

Did they change the PSO2 weapon and units carrying over to NGS? Yes, but wasn't that the point of the CBTs especially in JP where players did get to carry over their PSO2 stuff. I would think it would be unreasonable for them to not be able to change their minds after testing and balancing just because they released info ahead of time.

@HarmlessSyan so they did. Im glad i pointed out a good place to look.

Its also, once again, not a question of usefulness, but why they failed to convey such a big change. theres a huge difference between +10 and +40. giving people the impression even beyond launch until they open their pso2 inventories that the gear they were led to believe would be at a much higher enhancemnt level and would last them much longer, and coincided with that very late AC and SG support scratch to no real coincidence, is terribly shadey.

Its also crazy coincidental they never gave any impressiom that pso2 weapons would have a much lower attack than ngs weapons of the same rarity. Not only not +40, but weaker base attack to boost.

These things couldnt have been so last minute they couldnt have at least modified the entry on the web page for it. but as mentioned, it may very well have cost them AC sales for the support scratch. Oh but, maybe it was the reason for the extreme extended maint at launch xD "Opps, we forget to nerf all of these!"

I would say its also about going from valuing peoples investments to taking surprise dumps all over them.

This meme should answer everything:


They was willing to say ANYTHING to keep ppl playing and spending, I saw so many flip flops on their part or absolute lies that I lost count. Just remember that they gutted PSO2 for this. >:/

Remember when they said they would give all the content and then cut out 3 story scenes.