Add Personal Shop Use (3 days) to SG store

As of now, free players have no way to access the Personal Shop. It's reasonable to ask us to pay for the convenience of using it any time without restriction, but it's ridiculous to completely lock free players out of an important feature of the game. I don't care if you have to charge an exorbitant amount of SG for the tickets - I only need to buy one every few months so I can sell off cosmetics I don't want.

I suspect free players were excluded from the market to discourage RMT bots. This simply will not work. Bots only need to complete a few illicit transactions before being banned to make a profit. It's an expense, but not an obstacle. Instead, SEGA should focus on banning cheaters who buy Meseta and N-Meseta for real-life currency, and on automated ways of detecting and removing the annoying advertisement/spam bots.

Excluding players from the market only hurts player experience and stifles the in-game economy. I do not believe it will have any real impact on the amount of RMT happening.

With the fun scratches gone in NGS, I agree there is no other alternative that players can use the shop passes to get a 3 day Shop pass without having to pay for premium. Definitely an idea Sega should take into effect to keep FTP players from being excluded.

I think maybe they could also add shop passes with longer durations too where it would cost less in the long run like with all the other passes with a longer duration.

I think it's reasonable to add it to the SG store. If it ever becomes available outside of the SG store though I'd hope they add in more things to make premium worth it 🙂

Now that we know for a fact that we don't currently have the option available for free players, I support the OP's view on shop passes.

I'd like the option to buy scratch tickets and not be a premium player every month to sell cosmetics I don't want in the personal shop for others that don't scratch to even get a chance for getting what they want. Putting Personal Shop Tickets with SG is a great way for limiting the potential of abuse while keeping it accessible for everyone.

Not everyone that scratches wants to pay for premium too, but with the way things are right now.. makes us have to choose one over the other.