Lock on target issue

I'm having an issue with locking onto enemies, before I only had to press LB once on the controller to lock on, today it suddenly stopped working but im still able to lock on if I hold LB but as soon as I let go of the LB hold it stops locking on.

Iv logged on and off, I have reset the controls In the menu and no luck, i play gunner so being able to lock on is pretty important otherwise when I dodge and shoot it doesn't hit anything.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? This had to be some sort of bug in game im guessing?

Playing on xbox series x on ship 3

Any help is appreciated thanks

I had an issue like this before. Have you checked this?


Yes. I have the same problem. And I posted that in another thread. and no, I doubt is your own problem. We were talking about every option but everything was as it should be. For a bit it worked again ...but now is broken again. Losing target by just moving, not being able to correctly cycle between targets, always targeting far enemies very far when there is more near or favoring some spots when there is more (like in the case of the dragon targeting the feet or head when I'm smack in front of the weak spot). It makes it harder to actually do proper damage, losing time because you can't get the wished target spot.

and BTW this is the thread I'm talking about: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/12153/lock-on-not-sticking-to-the-mob-is-that-normal?_=1624169440670

@Kelade thanks il check this out, this seems like it could solve my issue, il post an update if this is my issue thanks

Kelade was right, I had it on the wrong setting. I must of changed that accidentally, I was playing full on derp mode yesterday lol, all sorted now thank you very much

In my case it's still targeting and losing it whenever and whatever he wants. That setting does nothing for my problem.

@ShinoKoba try changing camera or character lock on settings. if I remember right with camera direction I would lose targets lock when on the edges or below me to far. The right stick is pretty sensitive if using a controller, I nudge it every once in a while and if there isn’t an enemy in that direction it will unlock. Also some fighter PA’s will unlock you, could be others too.

I didn't know Fi skills could do that. I did try both options, but it's like ...it works for a while then stops ...and I have to switch.

i play keyboard, and found out that "Z" changes camera to look over the shoulder, while in this mode you cannot lock on. not sure if this is the issue you are having or not but thought id throw it out there.

Nope, isn't about the over the shoulder, what I mean when I say "it stops working" is that it doesn't stick. Sometimes it works as intended and even if it moves a lot and get a bit far will stay on, but most of the time even if he moves just a bit (not gaining distance or anything) loses it and I have to cycle between the spots to get back at the target I wanted.