[NGS] Bug with Chain Trigger and Talis weapon action

Starting Chain Trigger is bugged when you have the Talis weapon action already out. I am using Main Gunner, Sub Force with a Twin Machine Gun/Talis Multi-weapon. When you use a fast firing photon art to start Chain Trigger, it will start it, then immediately activate it. This doesn't make it impossible to play Gunner but will prevent you from safely starting Chain Trigger from a distance if you already have your Talis weapon action out.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Use a Twin Machine Gun/Talis Multi-weapon.
  • Make sure Chain Trigger is not already activated
  • Use Talis weapon action
  • Then use a fast firing Gunner photon art (i.e. Bullet Rave or Aimless Rain)

What will happen:

  • Chain Trigger will start but then immediately activate, triggering the Chain Trigger cool down.

Exceptions to this bug

  • The photon art Point Blank will activate Chain Trigger but will not immediately trigger it, allowing for subsequent attacks to build up chain.

Edit: On further testing I have found that Point Blank IS NOT in fact an exception. If the shots of Point Blank coincide right next to another attack (I suspect it being an attack from the Talis) it will still trigger the Chain Trigger count down.

Furthermore, Talis weapon action shots also increase Chain count when Chain Trigger is activated.

With this, it makes Gunner almost impossible to play when multi-weaponed with TMGs and Talis.

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