Hi there! I'm pretty new to the PSO2 forums (Hi there!), and I wanted to share some feedback on Augment Capsules, namely the "Exchange Augment Capsule" system available at the Item Modification Vendor. First of all, I think this is a really fun idea and should not really fundamentally change at all!

That said, there are limitations with the system and I would like to share some possible combinations I would like to see, if that's okay!

First is a more Time-Efficient Stat Upgrade recipe for Stat Capsules (Stamina, Spirit, Might, Precision, Technique, etc.). Exactly the same materials required, just saves some time.

C/Stat I -> C/Stat III
C/Stat I x100
Photon Quartz x55
Monolite x50
Trinite x5

Second recipe is one that is more meant to make some Augment Capsule II/IIIs viable when their first rank variants can be combined together. Going to use C/Mastery as an example, but this could be done for C/Sovereign Ward as well! Maybe even raise some material prices a bit so that it balances itself out?

C/Mastery II
C/Might II x5
C/Precision II x5
C/Technique II x5
C/Photon Quartz x10
C/Trinite x10

C/Mastery III
C/Might III x5
C/Precision III x5
C/Technique III x5
C/Photon Quartz x25
C/Trinite x25

Finally (for now), I'd like to see some new combinations with Stats that are not used to combine in order to make them viable somehow. In this case, C/Stamina, C/Spirit, and C/Deftness. Let's call it Expertise, as an example:

C/Expertise I (HP +10, PP +4, Potency Floor Increase +1.5%)
C/Stamina I x5
C/Spirit I x5
C/Deftness I x5
C/Photon Quartz x5
C/Trinite x5

I do hope, in future, there are a lot more Augment Capsule Exchange combinations that can be developed in an effort to make it so, while there is still a metagame with capsules, every capsule has some kind of a use. Thanks for reading!